Monday, May 30, 2011

Beautiful begonia…


073 copy

Still following,


Photo details: Nikon D5000

AF-S Nikkor18-55 kit lens

shot details…M 1/60 f5 ISO560

texture Kim Klaussen’s stained linen



  1. Hi Elizabeth! It is very much so a "beautiful begonia"! Oh I love it. The texture adds so much, giving it a warm and inviting feel. Your blog is so precious ~ Hope you have a peace-filled week ahead :)

  2. BEAUTIFUL!! YOU are AMAZING!! You need to give us photography lessons!! XXOO, Damaris

  3. Elizabeth, I am so not a photographer, but I heart coming here sometimes just because of your photography. This one was gorgeous – simple – pretty – just nice. I get a little bit of the texture, and the simple pot, and the broad big leaves, and those dainty little flowers, and that you are just following – Still. Just. Following. I hearted it – thank you – and God bless and keep you and all of yours this day.

  4. This is so soft and lovely! Gorgeous work :)

  5. Oh what a beautiful shot...I love the light and your texture work and the composition of your photo. Just lovely! Xo

  6. What a beautiful photo Elizabeth. It has such a nice old-fashioned feel :)

  7. Love the colors and composition!

  8. What immaculate presentation, of everything on your blog. And your dinner was Master chef, even though I can't taste it :-)


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