Friday, April 8, 2011

True success…

“I am loved by God, I am a lover of God, therefore I am successful.” Mike Bickle

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“When we get our identity from our accomplishments and recognition we end up in an emotional storm of preoccupation with vanity; we most naturally see our accomplishments as very small and unimportant, causing us to feel rejected and neglected by people.”


I am thinking and asking myself today how often I cross the fine line between inspiration and discontent.

In sharing things about, or reading on other blogs about, home/home décor do I inspire, am I being inspired, in “The Hidden Art of Homemaking” or am I feeding the monster of discontent and comparison?


I want this to be a safe place, a place where the beauty of Jesus can be seen in and through me, in and through the things I write, the pictures I post.

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I want this to be a place where every reader, every follower, leaves wanting more of Jesus and where the desire to create beauty in our homes is encouraged because we were created to be creative,

not out of a spirit of competition and comparison and consumerism.


Not my usual Friday post, but that is what is in my heart today…

Happy Friday Everyone!


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  1. Such a lovely post. Special thoughts and beautiful photos.

    Found you thru your link at Fridays Unfolded Stuff and Nonsense. I did a post too, and would love for you to drop by and visit me!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  2. Love this post! We sometimes get so caught up in making our homes looking lovely we forget the One who wants to be there in our homes making it peaceful. I want both, but if I had to make a choice I would take peace, rest and love over the other. I leave a Christian cd running on repeat at my home. I notice it makes a big difference to how my home feels. I also invite the Spirit of rest, peace, love, and joy into my home. I just love HIM SO MUCH!! And love HIS presence.

  3. Thank you for sharing your heart today. You have accomplished what you desire, my friend. Jesus shines through so brightly every time I visit.

  4. My BFF told me recently that she "wanted to yearn for Christ first in her life again". She had pushed him to the side while busy fluffing her nest. I had to agree with her. Completely and totally. I know exactly what you mean today, Elizabeth, and I'm so glad that you put him first in your blog! :) You are an inspiration....

    xoxo laurie

  5. Elizabeth, I am so grateful to happened up on your blog a while back!!

    It is the one and only one I frequent......due to the fact I do leave wanting more of Jesus.

    .....reminds me of the song...the more I seek Him the more I find Him, the more I find Him the more I know Him, the more I know Him the more I love Him!!!

    Yes I agree in being creative we are being just like our Creator.....knowing that it is a special gift/ be used for His Glory!!

    I thank you for being an inspiration and encouragement to know and love our Father more and more each day!!

    ....all of Him and none of us...may He have His daily prayer!!!

    Much love,
    Sharon :)

  6. Beautiful life = beautiful heart and home.

  7. This a beautiful post and I am grateful for finding your blog. You have brought me closer to God through your posts and are one of my most favorite sites. Thank you so much for helping me.
    Gratefully yours, Stephanie

  8. Inspired post and so true. We should spend more time knowing Jesus and following him than competing with others. How He values us is much more important.

  9. This was an absolutely perfect post Elizabeth and just what I needed as I scrolled through all of the links at our Inspiration Friday party. A pause...a the midst of the wonderful design and decorating inspiration, a chance to reflect on WHO should be inspiring us the most and how we are to find our security in Him and not in our earthly homes, no matter how pretty they are! :-) Thank you for this!

  10. Hi Elizabeth, I just got to this post today, and want you to know that I don't believe you're "feeding any monsters!"

    I LOVE Edith Schaeffer, and was delighted to see a link to one of her books. I bought this one for both of my daughters for Christmas one year.

    I do believe we see the heart of Jesus in your heart and posts.

    Have a blessed week--and a marvelous celebration of the Resurrection next week.

    In Him,


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