Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Passion for Jesus…


Purify my heart from all that hinders whole-hearted love for You

All I am and have abandoned to You, for You

Save me from sin and selfishness

Sick of compromise and lukewarmness

I want to live a wholly yielded, holy life

Only You really satisfy

No one else, nothing else, but you


Forgive me for yielding to self rather than Spirit

One Lord, One Master, You alone

Rule my mind, my heart, me


Jesus, help me to be the lover You deserve

Equally yoked with You, my Bridegroom

Set apart as Yours alone

Unhindered in devotion to You

Solely, wholly, holy Yours


Still following,



  1. Beautiful prayer! I'm making this my prayer for not only today but every day hereafter! I desire to love and serve God wholeheartedly.

  2. ah....this is a beautiful acrostic and prayer...i echo...

  3. Thank you, Elizabeth. The words from your heart have blessed me this evening, have given me words to pray too.
    caring~ linda

  4. You are such a creative soul, Elizabeth. You always touch me with your beautiful words and pictures.

  5. Such a heartfelt and creative prayer. And the photo is beautiful.


  6. beautiful photo and poetry!

  7. Oh my dear friend, this is totally incredible--you gently preached several sermons of love and truth in one short passionate prayer poem--and the photograph just sets it off beautifully--makes me think of the "think on these things verse"--this post is a work of art--

    always loving you--so sorry I haven't been very visible lately--

  8. Great prayer for this Lenten season, May you have a blessed week.

  9. Elizabeth - smiled all the way down - every single one - it's the only Acrostic EVER that I've actually enjoyed - I've used them but never got so much out of one. Thank you. {smiling}

    God bless.

  10. lovely and strong...a steel magnolia prayer...pretty and powerful.

  11. your heart, elizabeth... it always blows me away, your love for Jesus. don't stop sharing with us friend.

  12. Oh Elizabeth...your love for our Father radiates through your words!!! Thanks for encouraging and inspiring me with each post you write! I would love to sit and visit with you and share the joys of being an heir to the King!!!

    My heart smiles!!
    Much love, Sharon :)

  13. Such a beautiful photo and acrostic poem/prayer.


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