Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seeing eyes, hearing ears, burning heart…


Two of your followers

on the Emmaus road

Talked about You

and Your death

You caught up with them

walked with them

talked with them

They said, “We were hoping Jesus was the one to redeem and set Israel free.”

They said, “Some women, some of those with us, went to His tomb and found it empty.”

You called these Emmaus travelers

sluggish in mind

dull of  perception

slow of heart to believe

But then You patiently explained to them through the Scriptures the things about Yourself

Toward evening, they invited You to stay for supper

In the eucharisteo,

In the breaking of bread

their eyes were opened

And they recognized the Risen Lord

Give  me O God

seeing eyes

hearing ears

a burning heart

for the Risen Lord


Still following,



  1. Keep following!

    You write with such depth of faith.

  2. Me too...I pray for these things too. Thank you for keeping Easter in my heart today!

  3. Oh my, I don't have my post written all the way YET, but this was exactly what was on my heart today--especially the burning heart--love this dear Elizabeth--

  4. I even have a picture similar to this without the contrails that I had included in the draft--wow! we were really thinking alike today--

  5. A great rendition of a great story! Yes, I want to keep my eyes open, too!

  6. mmm...i need to sit and break bread more and allow my eyes to be opened...

  7. Interesting...I used the same passage as the focus of my blog post today. I, too, long for seeing eyes, hearing ears and a burning heart. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Elizabeth - that was a wonder. You told the story like you knew it - not like a Bible study. You told it like you were relaying it to a friend - like you were talking to Jesus - and telling him you got it. This was a joy to read Elizabeth – thank you – and God Bless and keep you and all of yours this day.

  9. This is one of the stories that confirms the TRUTH. I LOVE this story and all the others of confirmation. I believe, but it's nice to have confirmation.

  10. oh, yes, Lord... a burning heart. i feel like those sluggish followers today... but there is hope, for Jesus still had mercy and broke bread with them :) love you elizabeth.

  11. amen. Me too!

    I find it interesting that it was in the breaking(of bread) that their hearts were opened. I could take this two ways. 1) that sometimes breaking is required to see properly or 2) that sometimes we get farther sharing a meal with others than we do by talking to/at them.

  12. I just love how patient Jesus is. When I am slow to hear or see or just follow I find His patience so unexpected and necessary.

    And nice new header pic. The strawberries are lovely.


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