Wednesday, April 13, 2011

“Like the lily among thorns…”


There she stands tall and proud

Planted on the edge of a vacant city lot

Filled with trash

On the edge of a busy street

Bumper to bumper

With stressed out drivers

Honking their frustration at one another

I pass her day by day

Tall and regal

Clothed in pure white beauty

Strong and dignified

But on this day, instead of driving by

I signal and park

By the vacant city lot

Filled with trash

And gather an armful

Of her pure white beauty

And give thanks for her strength and dignity

In the midst of the trash

and the noise of the honking

Her beauty fills my home

She reminds me of His Words

To me, to me, imagine that!

“like the lily among thorns,

so are you, my love…”*

Me, Lord?

Clothed in pure white beauty

Strong and dignified

In the midst of the trash

In the midst of the noise

Be it unto me according to Your Word, Lord


*Song of Solomon 2:2




Still following,



This week’s Simple Pleasure-gathering camellia blossoms from a vacant lot

Project Simple Pleasures2


  1. This post is full of loveliness, as always.

  2. Those are so pretty! You are a very talented photographer.

  3. smiles. what a beautiful find and an amazing truth to go with it...we are beautiful...

  4. Beautiful word and pictures. So artistic and perfect.

  5. Oh Elizabeth. I think this is my favorite post of yours so far. I relate to it, and I love it.

    Your heart really listened to God with this today. I'm so glad you did.

  6. Beautiful!! Isn't God awesome how through even nature He communicates with us when we are ready to listen for His voice! Praise Him. Love this post. I have to remember because of the percious blood of Jesus He sees us without fault.

  7. As always this is beautiful! I love how your photo's and your word's seem melodic! Very touching.

  8. Oh how beautiful is this? At first I didn't know what you were referring to, so I was so intrigued as I kept reading. A flower. What a lovely moment. Glad you parked to experience it. Thank you for sharing this moment. Blessings!

  9. Lovely poem and beautiful photo of the camellia.

  10. So beautiful! The flowers. The truth.

  11. The fragrance of camellias ... heaven on earth.

  12. This post and the pictures just makes me happy. Oooh, sweet praise filled with joy...thank you for this.

  13. What a beautiful post...words and photos.


  14. Stunningly beautiful, Elizabeth.
    Your words, the flowers, His grace!

  15. Your words have beauty and life!

    Yes...He created it all and placed it exactly where it needed to be seen.

    Mrs. M.

  16. Beautiful post. Love your pictures! They are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


  17. Such a beautiful thing when God whispers His love to us in unexpected ways. Love this!

  18. Elizabeth,
    How rich your words speak to me today!! Love the anticipation of the story and the lavish beauty of Being His!!!

    Thank you once again for opening your heart/ ears to hear Him!!!

    Much love, Sharon :)

  19. beautiful post...beautiful photos....beautiful words....☺

  20. Amazing...the beauty of camellias in an empty lot?? What a delightful discovery...and you've honored them so beautifully.

  21. Love the beautiful message in this!! :-)

  22. So beautiful. We are beautiful in his sight. Amen.

  23. elizabeth, you are so beautiful... i hope you know this, in the coming week... how you shine...

  24. Love it!
    Thank you for sharing such beautiful words and lovely photos.

    I'm new to Simple Pleasures, I just happened to find it today while blog hopping. I took part only to find that it was not actually running this week. :) It's ok, it's always good to ponder our blessings anyway.

    Happy Easter!


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