Sunday, March 13, 2011

My 1000th thanks!!!


I reached number 1000 in my gratitude journal this week!

I will, of course, keep counting.

I will keep looking for the love notes that He leaves all around for me to find, right here in my real life.


My continuing gratitude list " #985-#1003

-cinnamon rolls from my sis-in-law

-my new gauzy skirt with my favorite boots

-God’s dealings in my own heart

-sunny morning

-phone chat with my oldest brother

-baby granddaughter sleepover.. her bathed and in her pjs, snuggling in bed with us watching Despicable Me


-dancing to Fernando Ortega’s Sing to the Living God with same baby granddaughter

-playing pretend

-an afternoon antiquing with my friend

-the smell of coffee brewing in the morning

-precious time with God in our church’s prayer room

-Hubs able to fix our washer

-baby granddaughter and I skyping with far away daughter and oldest granddaughter and only grandson

-phone call with my sister

-a hurting family’s little girl received a “cancer-free” report!

**NUMBER 1000**-all missionaries and military personnel in Japan related to people in our church were unharmed

(praying for the many, many, many who have suffered such loss…)

-wonderful date day with the Hubs

-a rainy Saturday morning home alone, cleaning and puttering around the house, worship music playing…suddenly I realize that the heaviness since Mama’s death has lifted and I am feeling His Presence and joy!

-a great Sunday with our church family

Gratefully yours,



  1. Oh, my friend, my heart is thrilled - and my tears flow. I have prayed that your heart would find joy again!

  2. I give thanks for your blog, and reminding us to give thanks. I also give thanks that the joy is returning.

  3. Celebrating with you that you passed the 1000 mark and have kept right on praising! I had several relatable "AMEN" moments reading this.

  4. Big and small, all of our blessings are amazing, and our Lord graciously gives us so many...
    I'm not sure I realized how many until I started counting them...wonderful you made it to 1000!

  5. a tender . simply lovely last few entries of gratitude .. blessing this day ..

  6. Thanks Elizabeth for inspiring me to journal my many blessings!! Thanking God for His Spirit is as soothing medicine replacing our mourning with His Joy!!!

    Have a blessed day!!
    Sharon :)

  7. i thank you so much for your blog and your willingness to share your joy. so glad that He is blessing your heart with healing joy.

  8. Visiting from A Holy Experience ... congratulations on #1000! And ... grandchildren are the greatest, aren't they? Sweet photo of your little granddaughter ...

  9. I am so glad that we can come together and share what GOD is blessings us with and that we are thanking GOD for each blessing

  10. How wonderful to reach 1000 and beyond! What a sweet photo... and dancing with her... aww! I have wonderful memories of dancing with my grandparents!

  11. 1000! How wonderful! Thank you for sharing your heart today.

    Your photos are beautiful! :)

  12. I felt your joy as your reached #1000!!!! I have a long way to go, but I'm sooooo going there! And your mention of love notes. I just loved that! To think that they are all over the place --- all we have to do is look! Thank you for that!

  13. 1000! Congratulations, Elizabeth! Glad you will keep counting. I love your beautiful words and photos. I'm thankful you are feeling some of the heaviness lifting. I feel it too, even though it does return from time to time, but never in quite the same dosage.

  14. Sweet words, encouragement, and photos ... it just feels so peaceful over here!
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  15. It's wonderful to count our blessings! I have a running count in my journal. Patsy


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