Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Letting go…

“Deep are the heart wounds and many are the tears when one has to forfeit the one he loves.
God wants us to love Him more than our Isaac.” Watchman Nee

This is what is on my heart as my son-in-law, daughter and grandbabies prepare for missions work in Ghana.

I am considering starting a second blog:

M{oms} O{f} M{issionaries}

I am wondering how my Mama, who never talked about her feelings much, really dealt with the emotions of my youngest brother, his wife and two daughters, leaving for their mission field in Africa and her not seeing them for years at a time.  I do know that when he walked into her hospital room weeks before her death, she burst into tears for the joy of seeing him.  He was her baby boy.  She said, “Oh you’re as handsome as ever!” So sweet.

Maybe us Mamas need an online place to share both the wounds of letting go as well as the joys of seeing our children serving God and to share prayer requests as well.

So I am asking you, if you know a mom of a missionary, or you are one, what do you think?

In the meanwhile, for me, the letting go is a daily, even moment by moment choice.

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  1. What a wonderful ministry idea! Even though I'm not the mom of a missionary I can see where this would be a blessing to those who are. Praying for you as you test the waters.

  2. My daughter Elizabeth is headed out in June for Uganda. She and another friend are going to a remote tribe to visit her compassion child and go to Chris-Annes own organization called "I have a name"
    Then they will be headed to Wototo Childrens Orphanages.

    It makes me nervous knowing 2 young women are travelling alone.
    My daughter has read, Brother Andrews book, God's Smuggler probably 20 times, and I know she expects to be taken care of just like him.

    I think connecting to a network and making a blog for such a thing is a wonderful idea to connect and share what you and your missionary children are thinking and feeling.

    I can just imagine your dear mother in her bed welcoming back her youngest child.

    All the years of worry, prayer, and makes me sad.

    Oh Elizabeth, I think you will need your blog.


  3. I am right in the middle of the 2 scenarios you described-watching my 83 yo Mom struggle far from me (altho she still clings to faith) and never having recovered fully from our children becoming adults-over 10 years ago. Now awaiting the birth of our first grandbaby, hoping our SIL doesn't talk our Daughter into moving to the Midwest. I miss our 3 kids and their spouses so much my chest literally hurts nearly every day. I thin your idea for a blog for Moms to share their concerns and, dare I say it, joys, with their kids following Jesus' call is a great idea.
    Found Ann's site thru yours today. Another blessing. Sweet peace thru my tears thru you and her! blessings on your day, k

  4. Modern women are much more expressive though my mother's generation expressed themselves is less forthright ways.

  5. I'm part of a homeschooling community forum with a lot of missionaries who are members as well, I'll have to mention this to them.

    Your post had me pretty choked up.

    Glad to see Pink here though! She's the best!!!

  6. I think you would be a great one to start a blog like that, Elizabeth. I don't know how mamas do it. One of my daughters used to say she wanted to do overseas mission work and I admit it scared me to death. I'll be praying for you and your family.

  7. Elizabeth, first let me say thanks for missing me! I have enjoyed catching up at your place tonight. This one touched my heart ~ I cannot be included as a missionary mom, but had to leave a comment to say "HE is enlarging your territory!" What a blessing this blog "ministry" could be. I pray you are obedient in HIS direction & guidance. It warms my heart to see you letting those tender parts of your heart heal through ministry. I will be reading to see what happens.


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