Saturday, February 5, 2011

No more goodbyes…



It’s been a week and a half since Mama went to heaven.

She was 85 1/2, and had very fragile health the last few months of her life.

Her death wasn’t a shock or surprise.

Still, daily I catch myself thinking, “I need to pop over to Mama’s and check on her.”

or “I need to call Mama.”

No more daily phone calls ending with me saying,

“I love you, Mom”

and her responding

“I love you too, Honey.”

I comfort myself with Truth.

She is with Jesus.

I will see her again

and on that day there will be

no more goodbyes.


Still following,



  1. My dear father has been with Jesus for over eight years and I still find myself thinking of things to tell him - and I can't wait for the day I can! The comfort is that we will be with our dear ones who are with Jesus again!! Holding you up to the Father,

  2. Elizabeth, I have just completed reading your past three posts. My heart broke and tears flowed, my friend. I guess I realized it's coming one day for me. My dad went to be with the Lord in 2000. It seems when I face hardships, I just want to run to Daddy and tell him. My mother who is over 5 hours away and whom I call each day will leave to join him one day. We haven't had to face death in the past few years; but it is inevitable. I pray you find comfort. Love your verse for week two & I pray you can find this peace & comfort in HIM.

    Praying for you~

  3. I still haven't gotten used to that either, Elizabeth. I suppose it just takes more time. My prayers are with you.

    But yes, still following Jesus...

  4. Elizabeth,
    In this time of sorrow, His Word and His Presence and Truth are such a comfort. I cannot imagine going through a time like this without them.
    And yes, how wonderful to have the hope and knowledge of reunion!

  5. No more goodbyes.
    No more tears, or sorrow, or pain.
    Just heaven.

    One of my favorite pastors once said that as you get older, Heaven becomes a fuller place for you because you have so many whom you love who are filling it. I think you know exactly what he was trying to say.

  6. What a comfort knowing it doesn't end here. Praying for you.

  7. It has been two years also since my father went with the LORD, but still I always remembers and cherishes him. Teary-eyed here. The only comfort is that, God let them rest from the pain that they suffered while they're still with us. God bless!

  8. Elizabeth,
    I'm so sorry for your loss. What a truth to hold onto!

  9. goodbyes are so hard for heart goes out to you...the neat thing...your mom will always live in you...her words...her memory...the way she did things....the ways she moved in the world. Tons of Hugs to you.

  10. I know how you feel; my father has been gone now for 4 years, but I still see or hear things that make me think, "Daddy would like that." I'm so glad His promise of a home for us with no tears is true! I am praying for you, friend.

  11. Amen! Thank you for sharing something so personal and close to your heart - I think a lot of readers can identify with and find comfort in what you've written - and with that verse.

  12. Praying for you. Thanks for this post.

  13. Oh Elizabeth! I am speechless. You will most certainly see her again. Such a beautiful verse. I'm keeping you and your family all close in prayer. Thank you for sharing. {{{{HUGS}}}

  14. So beautiful is that verse....praying for you and yours to feel God's loving embrace during this tough time. I've always found lots of comfort in that verse...

  15. Elizabeth... Thank you for such a touching post and wonderful scripture and a snapshot...I often deal with a frustrating mother and i have a daily phone call with her. I do this to make my life easier... but someday that won't be possible. And as horrible as she can make me feel, or as frustrated as I get with her.. it is temporary, and it will be gone. Thank you for waking me up!

  16. Oh Elizabeth ---- how my heart breaks for you on the loss of your sweet mother. My husband lost his mother last September (93y/o) and then his older brother (71y/o) this past October. He was very close to them both. We (and his 3 siblings) cared for his mother in her condo for a year before she went in to hospice due to her breast cancer. At first we thought "what a lifestyle change this is going to are we going to do all of this..??", but as we look back now, we wouldn't have traded that time alone with her for anything. We miss her so much. She was such a spiritual woman.

    Hubby was very close to his brother, too - and they always went hunting and snowmobiling together. The first time hubby went up to our cabin hunting and his brother wasn't there with him, it hit him hard.

    But we keep the faith, and realize that from these circumstances come a certain strength and a closeness to our Father that we wouldn't know otherwise. ♥

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony and love of God with us. You are a witness of his love and grace. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

    xoxo laurie


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