Thursday, February 24, 2011

I simply remember my favorite things…Friday favs…a snow day!

We had snow this morning!



Yes, this is all the snow we got out of the “winter storm warning” that we have been hearing about all week long.

All the schools in the area were shut down today.

This is how we roll in Portland, Oregon…or don’t roll I should say. ..

we avoid driving at the sign of the first flake.

So, I postponed a scheduled meeting and stayed home.

Yes, I am a homebody.

I love days spent puttering around the house, nesting and cooking.

Since Mama died, I seem to be craving home even more than usual…I guess it’s a comfort to me.

I’m scaring myself that I could be becoming a hermit.

Anyway, back to the snow…

it was a good excuse to have my morning devotions with a fire crackling in the fireplace

and then, still in my pajamas, to do some baking for the Hubs upcoming birthday.

Spicy applesauce cupcakes full of raisins and nuts and frosted with cream cheese frosting.



I will share the recipe next week.

In the meanwhile, about my homebodiness (?), here are some little things around my home that make me smile…

White stoneware, beach-y touches, and a hint that Easter is coming…


A wooden rooster carved by my uncle, and Mama’s milk glass egg becoming a nest for another egg…


Antique trunk, that was a gift from the Hubs years ago, with Mama’s suitcase and handiwork perched on top…


Antique scale and rustic crate filled with my favorite dishtowels…


Mama’s old measuring cups and spoons…


Flowers in a French styled pitcher…


Rustic wooden box made by my handyman son-in-law, filled with French lemonade bottles…


A vintage area code ad from Maine in a barnwood frame.

Maine is the state Mama grew up in, and a wonderful place that I love to visit…


Well…the snow is almost all melted.

The roads are clear.

I guess I must forsake my homebody ways, get presentable,

and get down to the church office where I am supposed to meet the Hubs.

Happy Friday Everyone!


also linking to Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday


  1. Your treasures are wonderful! I'm becoming a homebody, too, and I'm not even worried about it! It just snowed about an inch - again. Now the sun is shining! Crazy day today!

  2. Beautiful treasures, Elizabeth, and such a refreshing and relaxing day. It was nice to hear that someone besides me will bake in their Pjs.LOL How wonderful to have some of your mother's treasures to enjoy. Great Post!. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Wonderful treasures you have with great memories. ~~Sherry~~

  4. Elizabeth, I just love the image of the measuring sppons and cups. That they are your mom's is so sweet. I too am pretty much a home body. At present we have two houses(long story) and I seem to nest in one and rest in the other. hugs♥O

  5. Hi! Coming over from common ground. What a sweet post this is. So many comforts in the simple.

  6. Totally cracking up here just a bit further South than you are! We ended up on a 2 hour delay but having grown up in the midwest the reaction to snow around here always makes me laugh! :-) This was truly a lovely post and your pictures are always absolutely exquisite. Thanks so much for linking up to Inspiration Friday Elizabeth!

  7. You have such lovely vintage treasures and the photos are beautiful. I have happily just become your latest friend and follower.

  8. Enjoy the beauty of the snow for me as well. Throw a snowball. Make a snow angel and dust off with giggles of glee.

    And this song, grabbed my heart and reminded me of a beautiful time in the Lord when I first heard it at IHOP many years ago. A loveprint for me tonight dear one.

    I stop and listen. SIng along. Write your name Lord in the clay of my life. Sign your name on everything I do.

    Be blessed bunches,

  9. I'm another homebody, and I think I'm already half hermit. I love your treasures. They are the perfect marriage of style and substance, if that makes sense.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous post. The pictures are all stunning.

    That snow would qualify as a "dusting" here in Minnesota. I'm not sure if the sanding and salting trucks would even venture out. :)

    Thanks for your prayers for my Samuel as well.

    Have a blessed Friday!

  11. So many treasures here in these pics. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I am such a homebody too. I heal best there. I love all your snow. And all your pictures are so beautiful and comforting. Continuing to remember your pain and praying for your comfort…

  13. Elizabeth - your home is just so homey and welcoming! I adore the photo of your scale and box full of dishtowels. :) I giggled that your schools were canceled with that much snow. lol! Ours cancel at around 8"! But I'm glad that you got to spend the day puttering. LOVE days like that! :) Hugs ~

    xoxo laurie

  14. Your images are so lovely!
    Have a great weekend!
    Tammy :-)

  15. If it has to snow, then let me stay home in my jammies. The cupcakes look so delish! So glad you linked up for VIF!

  16. Love your pretty vignettes and your flowers look so pretty in that pitcher with your little tag~ Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  17. I'm a homebody, big time! I love the wreath and the eggs in the jar! So sweet. I'm visiting from White Wednesday. I'm your new follower!! :)

    (P.S., I LOVE your blog name!!)


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