Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Powerful love…



When they said they were moving away

Clear across the whole United States of America

I thought my heart would stop beating at their leaving

This Nana love, it’s an unexplainably powerful thing

The day they left Papa and I sobbed our good-byes

And then life went on and we settled into our new normal

Life without them just minutes away

So we phoned and mailed letters and saw their beautiful faces on Skype

I wanted to reach through the computer screen

and touch their cheeks

and smother them with kisses

and squeeze them with hugs

So I bought a ticket

And this week I flew all night

A fingernail moon and the big and little dippers

Flirted with me out the plane window

I got to their house in the wee hours and woke my grandbabies up

Surprise!  Nana’s here!

The days here are filled with


and walks

and coloring

and painting

and cooking their favorite things

and storing up memories for them to keep

and for me to pack up and take home with me

This Nana love, it’s an unexplainably powerful thing

Then last evening their Daddy watched them

While my daughter and I went shopping,  just the two of us

And we visited while devouring chips and salsa at our favorite restaurant

In the way she says the letter “s” there’s still the slightest trace

Of the lisp she had as a girl

And it’s not just those grandbabies I miss

Clear across the whole United States of America

Oh this Mama love, it’s an unexplainably powerful thing


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this week’s simple pleasure

time with my daughter and grandbabies~

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Your imperfect prose and your simple pleasures bring warmth and smiles :)

    i do not know Nana love (one day, i pray), but i do know Mommy love, "it’s an unexplainably powerful thing" :}

  2. thank you for sharing! I know that my kids nana would do the same, and this excites me that you did this for your grandchildren!

  3. big smiles...i got quite a few years before i get there...but i am already not looking forward to seeing them move out...and so cool that you did that...smiles.

  4. The dearest post ever. Precious, this Mama love thing.

  5. Why do I come here on prose day? I cannot swallow this big ole lump in my throat so what am I to do with it and the hot tears?

    There are no words to describe this, dear Elizabeth--this speechlessness, why it's an unexplainably powerful thing!

  6. such a beautiful picture of love! your legacy of memory building and intentional loving is an inspiration.

  7. I have Nana love!!
    They sure do wrap around your heart.
    One of God's most wonderful blessings.
    My only wish is my husband could had spend time with them and to be as blessed by them as I am,but I know he watches from heaven .

  8. I loved the last post when you spoke of surprising your grandbabies. And now to put it in prose...beautiful.

  9. I am just so happy for you. And, I'm happy for your grandkids. They are so blessed. What a wonderful story.

  10. Sweet and hoping you have enjoyed your time there.

  11. I think this must be how my mother feels. We live very far away and she sees my daughter only a few times a year. Our visits are always treasured. Thank you for sharing your heart. It's beautiful.

  12. My heart is right with you. I know they were just as excited to see you. I am still amazed at the power of grandma love!

  13. Beautiful! I understand your words. Perfectly!

  14. Elizabeth, your way with words always brings me much pleasure. No photos needed; you paint the scene perfectly.

  15. You have a wonderful way of expressing
    your heart in your writing. You've
    touched this mother's heart today.
    Thank you.
    I know I've said it repeatedly, but
    those grandkids of yours are darling.

  16. I call this "Grandma Heaven." Enjoy it!

  17. This is really beautiful Elizabeth! You speak for all of us mother's with children living beyond home. Thank you. many blessings..Trish

  18. Hi Elizabeth. What you you amazing. I can see it and feel it and almost experience it myself. Perfectly written...and so glad for you that you got to spend time with your family....

  19. Beautifully sweet! How wonderful that you could surprise your grandchildren with the gift of a visit. You are very fortunate to have been able to do that. Wishing you and yours all the best, Tammy

  20. OH! Elizabeth how I related to this post! I am so happy you got to visit, I can just see those grand babies when you woke them. I have surprised ours like that so many times, OH! the joy!! Thanks for sharing such a sweet post.
    Blessings, Sue

  21. Sweet...........thanks for sharing

  22. Lovely. I often wonder what this will be like when my little girl is not so little anymore, making decisions on her own.

  23. Oh how special a "Nana's" or Mama's love and you brought it all to life. I can't help but think of how it's so like a Father's love which takes flight to land the place of wherever we've distanced our self. You reminded of it all again here.

  24. This brought tears to my eyes. Sounds like you are making memories of a life time. I can tell you, my Grannie loved fiercely like you and I carry her in my heart always.

  25. elizabeth, i always love your posts... and this description is beauty: A fingernail moon and the big and little dippers

    Flirted with me out the plane window...

    how fortunate, your family, to have your love wrapped around them. you bless, friend. xo

  26. My eyes are filled with tears, your love is so AMAZING!! XXOO, Damaris

  27. Elizabeth, you made me cry.

    I know what it's like to be just hours from my girls. I know that one day it's very possible (probable?) that I could be a plane ride away one day soon.

    One thing I know, this mother will suck it up and face her fear of flying. And if I'm so blessed to ever be called a Nana, I will want to surprise them just like you did.

    This is a wonderful post, and I hope that every single moment is so full of love and memory that it lasts until the next visit.

  28. How beautifully expressed so we all can share!

  29. Your story touches my heart. Mother/grandmother love most times comes closest to God's. Blessings to you!

  30. Just a beautiful story of "powerful" love that finds a way to express itself and not just grieve the lost.
    Have a wonderful time with your daughter and grandbabies.


  31. Tears. I'm not a nana yet, but have been told of the blessing it is. I do understand the mama thing already, though. I love it that you are so tender to your loved ones. Not everyone has that. Your family must be so grateful and must miss you dearly.

  32. Sweet post, and I'm learning this too.
    When I grew up, grandparents and cousins lived far, far away, and we loved in person, without missing a beat, every few years or so. But now, grandbabies live just across town, go to our church, and I see them every few days. They smile chubby little smiles when they see me, and say "Mamie!" I am really learning to love this way of being a family!

  33. Oh Elizabeth, "mom"/"nanny",this "love is an unexplainably powerful thing"...I will ponder the beauty of those words.


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