Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A walking, talking kind of God…

It’s been close to twenty years ago that I first walked out the door of our house on that narrow country road

Put one foot in front of the other and

Walked a full circle around our little town

Back to that same door of our house on that narrow country road.

Day after day I put one foot in front of the other and walked that same loop

Hoping to take some weight off my thirty something body.

And while that weight came off my body

Weight of another kind came off my soul.

Heaviness, a dark gray cloud hovering constantly over my head,

Stuffed down soul wounds like sandbags around my heart

Day after day began to lift.

As my feet were walking, my heart was talking,

to a Mighty Counselor.

Here’s a little secret…

He’s a walking, talking kind of God.

He likes strolls in the cool of the evening

and meeting with ones full of confusion taking a walk down Emmaus road

helping them straighten out the crooked paths in their thinking.

And now, close to twenty years later, I walk out the door of my house on a narrow city street

Put one foot in front of the other and

Walk two full circles around my neighborhood

Back to that same door of that house on that narrow city street.

Day after day I put one foot in front of the other and walk that same loop

Hoping to keep the weight off my fifty something body

And keeping the weight of another kind off my soul.

As my feet are walking, my heart is talking

to a Mighty Counselor.

Here’s a little secret…

He’s still a walking, talking kind of God.

He likes to stroll with you in the cool of the evening

or meet with you when you’re full of confusion walking down your own Emmaus road

helping you, and me, straighten out the crooked paths in our thinking.

He’s a walking, talking kind of God

A Mighty Counselor.






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  1. Oh my goodness...I'm in love with this
    little one.
    Your gift of words in poetry blesses me

  2. yeah...He's cool like that...smiles. i took a little walk with im today myself...

    nice pics too...

  3. Beautiful. Love the sentiment in your poetry. Is that your grandchild in the pictures? She is too adorable!


  4. I am overcome with your words tonight. I am gong to start walking tomorrow evening.
    Thank you for the blessing tonight.

  5. We have a lot in common Elizabeth. I have been walking our little country road for as many years as you have walked your road. I used to walk listening to talk radio or music. Then for a while I walked with a friend. These days I walk with my husband, but in order for him to get a proper workout, he is usually yards ahead of me.
    I have discovered the wisdom of walking quietly, talking to Him and listening as He speaks to my heart. Some mornings I bring my memory verse cards with me and learn a new verse.
    He is always, always faithfully there to share the time with me. I just have to invite Him to come along.

  6. such love and strength in these images and words ....blessings

  7. Elizabeth, I can hardly type for the tears. I know what you mean about walking and talking to the Mighty Counselor. There's just something about being out in His world that makes you feel closer to Him, and all of the weight (especially the stuff collected internally) just seems to lift.

    What a glorious post, and a perfect one for Simple Pleasures.

  8. What a great way to spend time with HIM. Knowing He is taking the load off. :)
    Joining you at Simple Pleasures.

  9. And He walks with me
    And He talks with me
    And He tells me I am His own
    And the joy we share
    As we tarry there
    None other has ever known

    Thank you, my friend.

  10. Elizabeth,
    When I read your post, it was a confirmation for me that what I posted tonight was the right choice. I'm feeling anxious about my blog, but If I didn't start blogging I would of had the opportunity to find such inspiration through others who blog. The Lord clearly speaks through the world of blogging.
    Your poetic style is a gift. P.S. Adorable pics.
    God bless

  11. Lovely, lovely words Elizabeth! The walk never ends no matter what turns life may take. He is ALWAYS right there with us on the journey. Thank you for this very beautiful encouragement :-) blessings..Trish

  12. Simply beautiful and inspirational....

  13. Loved this. Absolutely beautiful!

  14. I love to walk and talk to the MASTER !!! such a wonderful pleasure and it was a blessing to me

  15. Yes I am so thankful for a Father that walks and talks with me, very touching post, and Elizabeth is adorable. Thank you for sharing.

  16. What a beautiful post......(A closer walk with thee)...Elizabeth paint your joy.....

  17. "And while that weight came off my body
    Weight of another kind came off my soul."

    I love how you phrase this. Now that I think about it, I wonder if this is partially what has prompted me to start jogging again. It's not just to stay physically healthy; I need it to stay spiritually healthy, too. Thanks for making me think. And pray! You're a blessing.

  18. ...keeping weight off our soul...mmmmm
    much more important than on our bodies!

  19. Lovey post Elizabeth.

    Hope your having a blessed day!

  20. Beautiful...Beautiful...Beautiful!! I love every syllable of this post. I love the way you wrote it and the deliberate and purposeful repitition.

    This is just fantastic, Elizabeth.

    I'm so glad He's a walking, talking, God.

  21. this is cool....very cool. I do the same...walk in the woods...listening to His gentle whisper...and loving it. ☺

  22. This is beautiful Elizabeth...truly inspirational! :-)

  23. this made me cry. first of all, the idea of a walking, talking God--the same God of the Garden of Eden... he loves US, enough to spend this time with us. so humble, he is. and then, the pictures of your little one... oh, beautiful.

  24. Bonus: "Everywhere the soles of your feet (walk) belong to you" Joshua 1:3. God always has payoffs we aren't even aware of so often.

    So many, many responses to this post dear Elizabeth. Our women responding to the common need for physical, emotional and spiritual health. Wonderful!

  25. mmmm a walking talking God.
    This post made me love HIM that much more. Glad that you are walking with HIM.

  26. Elizabeth,
    This post is so lovely, it brings tears of joy.

  27. I've got to tell you that I'm your newest follower. Your playlist and blog have ministered to me greatly tonight.


    Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

  29. This is just awesome! I think it is *amazing* that when we take care of our Temple with physical exercise that it's so very good for our souls as well, *especially* when we use that time to converse with God.

    Just beautiful! Well done, friend. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  30. I have been thinking that I need to start walking...but that's as far as I have gotten. Your post was inspiration to just get out there and do it! Thank you!

    Precious pics! Blessings!


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