Thursday, October 21, 2010

I simply remember my favorite things…Friday’s favs…I love my Kitchenaid mixer!

I’ve had a white 325 watt Kitchenaid mixer for about 15 years now.

For the past couple of years I’ve had my eye on a shiny red one with MORE POWER! (insert the Tim the Toolman grunt here)

When I saw the Kitchenaid professional series with 575 watts of power at Costco for almost $100 dollars less than most other places it was tempting…

when they had an instant rebate for another $30 off on top of that it was VERY tempting.

When the Hubs asked if I would like it for an early Christmas present…

well, need I say more?

Just in time for the holidays and those big batches of yeast rolls, cinnamon cranberry bread, sugar cookies, gingerbread………






Happy Friday Everyone!

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  1. That's gorgeous! Now, ... if I just knew how to use a mixer like that. :-)

    Have fun mixing, stirring, pouring, baking.

  2. What a beauty! I'm trying not to be jealous - my sweetheart couldn't understand why I needed a new one when I have a 'perfect' old mixer given to me by a dear older friend. I'm thinking maybe I need to reward myself for being good! Did they have it in yellow?

  3. Oh, that is so nice!! I would love to have a new mixer too....and that is kind I would like to have!!! :) But for now, my mixer works fine and it will have to do! :D

    Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

  4. Ohhh, very nice! It would come in handy when I make pumpkin cinnamon rolls this morning! :)

  5. I did the same thing. I had the smaller white version for years and when it finally bit the dust, I upgraded to the Professional 600 series in dark red. I love the power and bigger bowl capacity! Yours is a beauty.

  6. oh can I say .......VERY jealous!! lol She is BEAUTIFUL!! I would LOVE to upgrade mine!!

    Thanks for linking up!!

  7. so beautiful! I've been thinking of upgrading too but haven't made the leap yet. Have fun with her!!

    Here from tidymom, have a great weekend!

  8. It's just gorgeous! I recently bought
    the largest size crock pot in red and
    it also looks great on the counter. I
    really would love one of these though.
    The cinnamon cranberry bread sounds
    too yummy!

  9. And I get the old one!!! WooHoo!!!!!!

  10. What a delightful addition to your kitchen! It is just wonderful!

  11. I so admire women who get excited about cooking utensils--My next home is not going to have a kitchen so I don't know what I would do with one of those but I am proud for you--smile! And your hubby!


  12. Elizabeth,
    That is a beautiful mixer! And red...for the holidays. It's terrific!

  13. Love that mixer! I still have my white pro mixer which is something to be grateful for. Enjoy your mixer and the happy moments baking and cooking. Found you through Lovin' it Fridays!


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