Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jesus glasses…

A cute, little, blond, blue eyed, pumpkin eater is sound asleep in the “grandkids” room down the hall. 

Hubby is next to me watching football after a busy Sunday. 

Me, I’m full and happy.

Full of the memories of a weekend jam packed and overflowing with blessings.

A group of women from our church spent the weekend at a mountain retreat house on Mt. Hood.




The weather was picture perfect.

We spent the weekend discovering how Father God sees us through His “Jesus glasses”.

We talked about how we need to see each other through “Jesus glasses” as well, and made ourselves some “visual aids”.








We strengthened our connections with God and with each other.

We ate together, laughed together, hiked together,  learned together, cried together, prayed together.

Sunday morning we drove down the mountain and to our church for a morning of celebration

as three new elders were added to our leadership team.

After church we enjoyed dinner out with our leadership team, and then came home with baby granddaughter,

who will be here for three whole nights, while her mama and daddy are out of town at a church planting event.

With these “Jesus glasses” on it seems that all I see around me are blessings.


My continuing gratitude list #675-#689


-gorgeous sunset




-facebook messages from my daughter


-honest communication (even if sometimes it’s hard)


-silly baby girl


-oldest granddaughter’s and only grandson’s voices on the phone


-God speaking to my heart as I walk


-a great children’s ministries team meeting


-baby granddaughter lying next to me watching Curious George


-seeing my mama and the other residents at the assisted living home enjoying baby granddaughter




-the beautiful women of Truelife Church


-God putting it all together


-seeing connections being made


-a huge hawk taking off so close over my head I could hear its wings, (amazing!)


-hiking around Trillium Lake






-seeing women set free and blossoming


Gratefully yours,


consider joining the gratitude community as we count our blessings

holy experience


  1. Enjoy that precious little girl every minute she's with you. Loved hearing about your weekend and seeing photos of retreat. What a gorgeous place! Can't wait to hear more. And see you again.

  2. What a gorgeous spot to step away from the world! Your pictures are beautiful - and the glasses suit everyone perfectly :) It was nice to stop by (from A Holy Experience) and visit a bit. Have a marvelous time with your granddaughter - I have 2 (plus 3 grandsons) and know just how precious time is with them. May your week be full of HIs miracles!

  3. I love your gratitude list. So many were very applicable to me.

    And I am crazy about the Jesus Glasses and determined to copy that idea and SOON. I just really, really LOVE it.

  4. Thanks for sharing a beautiful weekend, and your many blessings!

  5. So gorgeous...and I love the Jesus glasses! We have a ladies' retreat coming up in a few weeks; I can't wait!

  6. Oh, Elizabeth, I have only been to Oregon once but the drive to Mt. Hood was just incredible. We got up to the mountain and from about halfway on up it was shrouded in clouds. I was so disappointed. We spent some time in the gift shop and while the others were still browsing, I decided to go outside once more (it was cold) --as I stood there I prayed that God would reveal the top of that mountain to me--it was only for 3 or 4 seconds but the clouds lifted and I got to see the top close up and personal--and as I looked I saw a wedding party coming down the mountain--it took them a long time to get to where I was because they had hiked a long way up--can you imagine a wedding on that mountain--??

    Your trip sounds oh so awesome--the beauty of the scenery, the friendships, the connections, --I also enjoyed hearing about those precious grandchildren and seeing the picture of your mom and granddaughter--more than precious!

  7. I love the "Jesus Glasses"... what an awesome little project.
    Your gratitude lists are delightful too... a pleasure to partake in.

  8. Jesus glasses. love this!
    Many of the young women at Mercy Ministries
    (.com) wear them as they learn their true identity
    is in Christ Jesus.



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