Tuesday, October 5, 2010


~Make new friends

but keep the old

one is silver

and the other gold~

You don’t live 53 years in this sin scarred world without being wounded. 

You certainly don’t spend 30 years in the ministry without being wounded.

It’s enough to make a body gun shy.


Stay home in your pajamas blogging reclusive.

(I exaggerate…slightly)

God’s been speaking to my heart about this…

this shell, this fear, this healing He wants to do of some pretty big wounds.

Part of the healing is risking to reach out again…

to long time friendships that could use some tender loving nurturing

to budding new friendships filled with possibilities.

Yesterday I met a blog friend face to face.

We shopped at my favorite antique store.


Adrienne from With A Grateful Heart…my sweet blog friend




We had lunch together.



But mostly we talked, and talked, and talked…

Watering a budding new friendship.


Still following,


and for the curious…

just a couple inexpensive rustic finds from Camas Antiques





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  1. Oh, I love what you shared about our day together! And I love what you did with your new treasures - most of all I loved being with you!

  2. Thank you for sharing! God is so good! I believe as we open up to Him to allow wounds to be healed He will do something beyond what we even expect. The journey sometimes is not fun but well worth it. I'll be praying for you. My Dad was a minister and I know how people can hurt. My Mom is a product of wounding while being a Pastor's wife, but even though she is 83 yrs old if she will allow God to heal He will. Love your website. It's so encouraging each time I read it. Your pictures are awesome! God's beauty is so awesome to behold if we would just stop and smell the roses and see what He has done for us!

  3. He brings others into our lives to heal and to serve. Good post.

  4. Oh, Elizabeth, my best friend all my life is a PK so I have just an inkling of what you are talking about. Yes, reaching out is part of the healing process--making ourselves vulnerable again when it would be so easy to build walls.

    I am so glad that we have become internet friends and would cherish getting to meet you in person but for now.........well, I will be satisfied to know that you are on the other end of this tie that binds all of us Christians together out here in blogland.


  5. “Part of the healing is risking to reach out again…” I think you’ve pegged it, Elizabeth. It is a risk. Sometimes I’m willing to take it; sometimes I’m not. But risk is part of healing. Thanks for your insight.

  6. I love this. How dear Christ is to gently probe the wounds and then heal them. His touch is sweet. I'm so glad you had a good day!

  7. The treasures in that antique store were astounding... the friendship even more beautiful a gift.
    Keep reaching out!!!

  8. Aside from this wonderful post, I realized you are a local. When I saw Camas it certainly caught my attention.

    Thanks for posting!


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