Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday afternoon thanks…

At church today I touched heaven during worship, and it touched me right back.  Hubs preached a word from the Word, and it cut the heart and healed it all at the same time.  At the altar I prayed for a sweet young girl, and the altar area was filled with people needing prayer and people praying, and I call that a good, good service.  I had to cut short the usual after church socializing in order to get youngest daughter to the airport on time.  She had to fly back to Missouri, after being here for a week long visit.  I managed to not tear up like I usually do when saying good-bye, but I did have to call her as soon as I reached the house, just to make sure she got checked in ok, and that she found a bite to eat.  She may be 27, but she’s still my baby, and I am perpetually a mama.  I came home and made hubby and I a quick and simple lunch of leftover homemade pizza heated up, and a green salad.  He tells me how yummy the pizza is, and I thought so too, but smile inside that he’s content with leftovers.   I get on my comfortable sweats and bring the laptop into my room and snuggle in my bed reading blogs, while through the bedroom window I hear the falling rain and smell the clean Oregon air.  Down the hall I hear Hub’s watching the football game, and it feels all cozy and right.  The phone rings and only grandson is on the line all the way from South Carolina, and he says his mama needs the recipe for “silly cake”, but it’s really called “crazy cake”.   I chat with him and ask him about Sunday School and his new friends.  My daughter comes to the phone and I read her the recipe, and  we talk about how she’s making the cake to bring with them to another family’s who has invited them for dinner.  Before she hangs up I ask to talk to oldest granddaughter, but  she can’t come to the phone right now because she has a friend over and they are painting their nails.  I think, she’s only seven, but blink, and she’ll be a teenager. The afternoon wears on and  I start to feel so warm and cozy and doze-y, and I give in to the feeling, cocooning in the blankets, and I take a Sunday afternoon nap, falling asleep to the sound of the rain.


My continuing gratitude list #617-#630


-a letter in the mail from my grandbabies!


-God is in control


-misty mornings followed by sunny afternoons


-the first cup of hot chocolate of the season


-a day at the beach with two of my daughters and youngest granddaughter


-singing in the car with baby granddaughter


-dinner made by youngest daughter


-youngest daughter’s car (in the shop in Missouri) fixed for only $99 after months of frustrating car problems


-a cancer scare…biopsy results- “NOT cancer!”


-making homemade pizza with youngest daughter


-youngest granddaughter being silly and laughing, which makes Papa laugh so hard, which makes her laugh even harder


-Father/daughter football games

(though we live in Portland, Oregon, my husband grew up in Washington, and is a diehard UofW fan as is youngest daughter)




-a beautiful day by Lake Washington for me as I have a Jesus date while hubs and daughter are at the game





DSC_0043ps black and white






Gratefully yours~


join the rest of the gratitude gatherers here~

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  1. Your Sunday sounds wonderful - the touch of the Father, a bit of family time and a nap! What more could you ask?

  2. I'm glad to hear it's not just me....everytime I drop my mom off at the airport after she visits I cry all the way home....

    Yay for being cancer free(and cheap car repairs - unheard of!!)

  3. Counting along with you ... As always, a delight to splash in thankfulness all around.



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