Monday, September 13, 2010

An envelope full of love…

An envelope full of love came in the mail today…not an email, a facebook message, or a hastily written text…a genuine, sign, sealed, delivered, snail mail letter!

It was written on upside down notebook paper in what appears to be colored pencil.

This is what it said…

Der Nana,

I mes you Nana and Papa.  I mes you so mutsh.

Hay or you doeen?


I love you Nana a Papa.

from (only grandson’s name here)

(oldest granddaughter’s name here) rot it


DSC_0002psDSC_0004 ps

They make quite a literary team in my opinion.

Just in case you’re wondering,

Papa and I are doeen fine

but we sure mes those grandbabies so mutsh!


Still following,


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  1. *tee,hee!* I'm so glad you linked up tonight - what fun. And it is so clear how very mutsh you love those sweet children!

  2. What a treasure you received. Thanks for sharing it with us. I got a real kick out of that.


  3. So precious. They do make quite the team. :)

  4. so sweet! i almost hate correcting my littles because their misspellings are so darn cute~

  5. It dosen't get better than that.

  6. Precious! I have some notes like that in my now-grown children's handwriting from years past. And I treasure them much in my heart. Your dear little letter is one of those. Honest. It is!

  7. in an envelope!! What a TREASURE!! XXOO, Damaris


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