Sunday, September 26, 2010


I had a scare this month.  A big one.  The big C runs in the family on my mother’s side…colon cancer.  My aunt and her son both died from it.  As a believer in Jesus Christ I don’t believe I have to passively accept things that run in my family line, whether it be a sin tendency or a sickness, so I bring these things to the Cross in prayer.  As a believer, I also believe God gave us doctors and medicine and wisdom and responsibility to take care of our bodies.  So, as unpleasant as it is, I go to the doctor and get checked for this type of cancer.  The doctor found something the first year I had the test, removed it, and sent it to the lab.  The biopsy results showed pre-cancerous, but NOT cancer.  Doctor’s orders were to come back in a year for a recheck.  Two weeks ago I went back…and it was back.  They removed it as best as they could and sent it in for a biopsy.  Right away I started contacting family and friends and asking for prayer.  For the first twenty four hours, I felt wrapped in peace and love.  I had a quiet confidence that God was in control and I had nothing to fear.  A couple nights later, I couldn’t sleep.  Fear began to torment me…thoughts of what if.   The next day the doctor emailed me the biopsy results.  Again, pre-cancerous, but NOT cancer. (Thank God!)   I felt like a thousand pound weight was lifted from me.  I did a happy dance!  However, the doctor felt he should send me to a surgeon for a consult.  The possibility was that they were not getting all of it removed and that was why it was recurring.  The possible solution…remove that section of the colon.  Friday, I saw the surgeon.   His conclusion, just a minor procedure needed, but no drastic surgery.  Thank God!  God gave me an undeserved, unearned miracle.
Today, I began to think of how everyday God blesses me with undeserved, unearned miracles…most of them taken for granted, unnoticed.  Things such as, my heart kept beating and my lungs kept breathing all day long.  Today, I drove here and there and everywhere, safely with no accidents.  Today, we had more than enough food to eat.  Today, all of our needs were met, and even most of our wants.
Oh, we’ve gone through some really tough times in our life.  Times of deep, painful loss.  Times when we prayed for a miracle, but didn’t get the answer we wanted.  Even then, God helped us make it through.  He helped us to keep walking, to keep putting one foot in front of the other, when giving up would have been a whole lot easier…and that too, is an undeserved, unearned, miracle.

My continuing gratitude list #631=#645

-a call from my sister, “If you need me to come, I’ll come.”

-babysitting for baby granddaughter when her mama and daddy had to go out of town


-a postcard from my other grandbabies

-God’s provision for a hearing aid for my 85 year old mama

-fall stew simmering on the stove


-a perfect stay at home and clean the house day

-dinner with dear ones from church

-creating something


-no major surgery!

-“date day” with hubby, and both of us being comfortable enough to say “let’s just stay home and be lazy!”

-a fun Saturday outing antiquing with oldest daughter (and baby granddaughter)


-a letter from oldest granddaughter
“I  hav mad a song for you.  You ar mi favret prsun in the wold.”
-details coming together for our upcoming ladies’ retreat

Gratefully yours~
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  1. I'll start by adding my praise and thanksgiving for your miracle of a cancer free consultations. (And I very much agree that we don't have to resign ourselves to a family "trait".

    I love your gratitide list. I teared up at the first one, and again at the end.

    It was a heartwarming list!

  2. First, I, too, rejoice with you in good news.

    Secondly, the letter from your granddaughter is adorable, and it rings sweet for me b/c I got my first note from my not-quite-writer kindergartener last week. I'm going to be a showoff mama and share the link :) :

  3. Praising the Lord with you - again - for His touch and His grace! I'm still in southern Californi, waiting to fly home later today. Retreat was awesome and there is much to share! Now I MUST know - where did you and your girls 'antique' on Saturday that had the wonderful yellow bike in the background? It calls me - and speaks to my heart - and makes me think I must find it!!!

  4. Everyday I am SO THANKFUL for YOU!! YOU have been such an INSPIRATION in my life!! Thank you Lord for my sweet friend Elizabeth!! XXOO, Damaris

  5. Praise God! I'm so thankful for your news. Love you pictures and your many blessings.

  6. Thanks be to God for your good report, for your wilingness to give Him glory. Thank you, too, for your encouraging words to me today. Love the letter from your granddaughter--priceless! Hold onto that one forever! Blessings.

  7. Praise God! We have had similar issues here with tests over the last year, and there is nothing to compare with His perfect peace in the storm.
    Your gratitude list is wonderful; the mantel inspires me!

  8. What a wonderful List! Especially your
    good report! I agree completely, we don't
    have to passively accept anything regarding
    our health or otherwise.


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