Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Made to fly…




When I was a girl I had dreams of flying

Gliding really, there was no effort, no arms flailing

The dreams were vivid

The scenery, the sensation

Me soaring over my familiar neighborhood on Dartmouth Street

I never told anyone

Until now

That God made me to fly

Because even I forgot

Mama, she had a way to keep me grounded

She kept Daddy grounded too

‘Til  he just flew away with someone else

I think he flailed his arms and beat his way out of the cage

but I don’t think he soared

Me, I got some of Mama’s sense of responsibility


So in the getting married, having babies, ministry

Like I said, I forgot that I was made to fly

Except, when I sang or danced or played with those babies

When I made our home a cozy nest with more imagination then money

When God helped me help someone or I taught God’s Word with heart aflame

In times like those, I felt my feet leave the ground a bit

But hard times came, and with them, shoes made of cement

Then a year or so ago my heart did what my mind didn’t understand

I quit the job that filled up my days

My mind thought it was that I needed that time for ministry

That was an important part of the reason

But my heart knew it was more than just that

My heart knew that at my age, if I didn’t start to fly

I never would

One day, I sat at a computer and started typing

At first the words came from my head

But then they started to flow from my heart

My spirit

One day, I picked up a camera

And the world around me became beauty for me to capture

It nourished my heart

My spirit

One day I  bought canvas and brushes and paint

and I didn’t know what I was doing, but I did it anyway

A painting came out straight from my heart

My spirit

And when I do these things

or sing or dance or play with my grandbabies

or make our home a cozy nest with more imagination than money

or God helps me to help someone or I teach God’s Word with heart aflame

In times like these, I feel my feet leave the ground a bit

I may not be soaring yet

But I’m getting higher and higher

Because now I remember that I was made to fly




Still following,


Happily linking here today~

Today’s Simple Pleasure…

Trying something new…

my very first attempt at painting.

Project Simple Pleasures2


  1. Fly high, my friend! Soar above the mountains and the valleys of life!

  2. Hi Elizabeth, I'm visiting from Dayle's blog. This is to soar on wings like eagles...


  3. This is beautiful! The idea of soaring has special meaning for me and I share your dream of flying higher. God bless you for this post and for sharing your daring and inspiring adventure with us all.

  4. fly high..sounds like you have made some amazing will be soaring soon enough...

  5. Good for YOU! I believe God is smiling on your JOY-full spirit.

  6. Daring to try something new, to fly, is an amazing gift. Can't wait to hear how high you soar effortlessly.

  7. Elizabeth,
    You have given me goosebumps with your amazing story/journey. I can't wait to see you fly higher and higher - the sky's the limit!


  8. What an amazing gift, Elizabeth, and a glorious way to fly.

  9. oh elizabeth, how beautifully you soar... i love how you take me through your life in this effortless prose... and the paintings! i love them. the colors, the lines... and how you dared give up your job so you could fly. you have chosen the upside-down kingdom, friend. mind if i join you? xo

  10. I love your paintings...I love your words. I want to fly too....your writing this....filled places inside me...thank you. Keep flying...I think we were meant to fly!

  11. The paintings are beautiful and so are the words...thank you for sharing! :-)

  12. This one made me smile, laugh, cheer, and cry. I went from one response to another. I LOVED it! I so understand what you mean by wanting to fly, too. I also understand that feeling that if I don't fly soon, I may never soar.

    Again, I love this. Love the way it's written and what it says. A great simple pleasures post!

  13. Beautiful, Elizabeth. And I LOVE your art -- keep painting, please!

  14. Your art and words are beautiful. Keep soaring. I'm new to this community, and stopping here has blessed me today.

  15. Come on over! We have room...

  16. You've really got me thinking about what it means to fly and what it takes...Thanks

  17. That is beautiful, Elizabeth. Too often I forget that I was made to fly. Thanks for the reminder.

  18. Simply gorgeous, my faraway friend. I look forward to flying with you when we meet in Heaven, if not before!

  19. What an exquisite post. You and I are at a similar time in our lives and I wish I had the courage to fly...Life has me in those cement shoes right now. Not that I am not extremely blessed but definitely weighed down. But God and I are working on it...It took time to become chained to the world, it will take time to loose those chains...but I have no doubt, I will, with His courage. Thanks for confirming God's heart message to me. Many blessings, Patty

  20. Oh my, Elizabeth! I must disagree with you on one point...I believe you do soar! How beautifully you express that God-given desire to thrive into who He created us to be. You remind me that because God provides endless opportunities to serve and love, He provides endless opportunities to "test our wings" and nourish our hearts. BEAUTIFUL!

  21. Oh, wow.
    "My heart knew that at my age, if I didn't start to fly
    I never would."

    I think we all yearn to fly--I know I do. I'm glad you went for it. :)

  22. Stopping by from Gypsy Mama's link up! Thanks for sharing your heart! Your blog is beautiful!

  23. I found you on Gypsy mama. I love this.

    I had those dreams too. Floating without effort.

    “When God helped me help someone or I taught God’s Word with heart aflame” – ah, this hits my heart, its familiar.

    ...and this, this was too familiar … “My heart knew that at my age, if I didn’t start to fly
    I never would”

    I heart your words. Thank you. Merry Christmas.

  24. Love these words! Found you through Gypsy Mama and am glad I did!

  25. He has indeed given you wings.. and you fly in exactly the way He created for you!

  26. I'm trying hard not to cry before I leave with my husband for his Christmas Party for work.
    So beautiful! I need to fly. Or at least get my feet a little bit off the ground. Lately, I've felt like I'm just doing and doing and it isn't making a difference. I'm so tired of the to-do lists. My youngest just wants me to play Barbies. I just WANT to play Barbies. And play with my grandson. Gosh, I'm getting awfully melodramatic.
    Okay, shaking it off. I'm going to remember these words and try and fly, maybe even soar, in everything I do.
    And by the way, I absolutely LOVE the picture in your head of the Christmas display!

  27. "I forgot that I was made to fly" - oh man, I think we all struggle to hold onto that truth. And words like these, art like this, they remind us. They give us the little push we need to stretch out our wings and remember how good it feels. Thank you thank you for sharing your story and your courage!


  28. Oh, how this made me smile! I am about to leave my job as well (for the second time! Ha!) and I am so thankful for the chance to live life to the fullest and minister first and foremost to my God, my husband, and my family.

    Plus, I REALLY want to learn how to dance :-)

    Many blessings,

  29. I found you through the Gypsy Mama, and I'm so glad that I did. You soar in this post! :)


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