Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just following Father…




How did you do it Jesus?  How did Your flesh and blood feet walk this planet that You created in perfection, and see it now in it’s sin-mangled groaning condition, and Your great heart, how did it not stop beating with the pain of it all?

How did You lay down to sleep at night and really rest?  How did Perfection lay down and sleep in the midst of pain, and sin, and disease and bondage, and not just speak the word to wipe it all out and start over?

How did you feed the 5000, and rest with the fact that thousands, maybe millions, still went to bed that night hungry? 

When one woman broke through the crowd to touch the hem of Your robe and was healed, how did You keep walking when You knew that in that same crowd was a hurting one who couldn’t get through the mass of people to touch You?

How did You keep breathing, day in, day out, in a world gone so wrong, so far, far wrong, from what You had intended?

Sometimes I can hardly bear it God.  The image of God part of me knows that this place, this sin mangled place, is not where I really belong.  My spirit gets so grieved and overwhelmed in this world where innocence is lost, stolen, gone.

How did You do it Jesus?  How did You do it without making all the wrong things right, right then and there?

You fully trusted the Father.  You withdrew from the crowd and got that day’s marching orders from the Supreme Commander of all Creation.  He told You where to go, what to do, what to say…and that is exactly what You did.  “I must go to Samaria.”, You said.  Father must have told You that there was one broken woman there by a well, waiting for her Divine Appointment.  You didn’t rush to every other city, to every other well, looking for broken ones.  You did what Father said, and You rested, and You trusted, that He knew about the rest.

I must do the same.  Today Father, show me what to do, what to say, where to go.

Still following,


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  1. You raise some really interesting questions here about pain and suffering -- and about trust. Thank you for sharing this, Elizabeth.


    While I'm here, I wanted to thank you for dropping by my blog and by the High Calling Blogs today. We're delighted that you are a part of the HCB community. You asked some great questions about participating in HCB. The best way to participate is to ... jump right in!

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    Feel free to check in frequently, join the conversation and jump in where it feels most comfortable for you.

    Grace and peace to you!
    - Jennifer Dukes Lee

  2. I often feel overwhelmed living in this broken-down place, too. How did Jesus do it? You state it so well: he fully trusted the Father. Oh, for a greater faith! Thanks, Elizabeth, for the meaningful post.

  3. Sorry to disrupt your comment box again, but thought I'd quickly drop you think link as well:

  4. Such a thoughtful post Elizabeth...
    Thank you...
    Come visit me at

    Deborah \0/

  5. I love this.
    In Jesus the One and Only, Beth Moore reflects that His heart is to fix it--all pain, all brokenness--unless His greater plan and greater glory are at stake. This comforts me immensely; He is so very tender toward me.

  6. I had something incredible happen to me today concerning all of this--don't know if I have the "git-go" from the Father to share it all but your last sentence capsulizes it all--let's just say it was one of those days where you knew your steps were ordered!

    Beautiful post, dear friend.


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