Sunday, September 12, 2010

Handsome fellow…

My husband is what some may stereotypically call a “man’s man”.  I suspect he is more likely to appreciate the beauty in a well executed football play than the beauty in nature.  I am pretty sure that much of the time I am a conundrum to him.   I seem to be on a constant search for beauty.  It is, to me, the evidence of God’s fingerprints in this groaning creation marred  by sin.  If I can capture that beauty with camera or words and share it, that is even better!  My husband and I, as different as we are from one another, have found common ground in our love for the Most Beautiful One, and in our love for the beautiful treasure He has deposited in the cracked clay vessels that we each are.  Still, at times, I’m sure he wishes I cared just a wee bit for football…and at times, I wish he understood a bit more the way something beautiful nourishes and refreshes my spirit.


The other morning I was just getting out of the shower when he called my name and asked me to hurry and come downstairs.  I was dripping wet.  “What is it?”, I asked in a not very sweet, not very patient tone of voice.  Without telling me what or why he just asked me to hurry and come.  With terry cloth robe twisted hastily around me I ran downstairs.  My husband called me out to the front porch and pointed up into a tree to show me a handsome fellow just like this.  That man of mine was choosing to take notice of and point out something that he knew would bring me pleasure.  Now does that mean I’m going to have to start watching football?




My continuing gratitude list #607-#616


-hubby calling me outside to see a bird


-a sunny Labor Day


-oldest granddaughter wrote a song about Jesus…”Jesus knows my favorite color.  Jesus knows my favorite food.

Jesus knows everything about me because He made me…”


-seeing my middle daughter’s South Carolina house via Skype


-hearing baby granddaughter chattering in the background when talking on the phone to oldest daughter


-reaching out to make new friends…an online community group for pastor’s wives


-sun sparkling on raindrops




-a quick stop by the river while running errands just to enjoy the beauty




DSC_0010black and white.JPG




-on my knees damp mopping the wood floor, I have a Jesus moment while the cd plays, More Beautiful by Jon Thurlow


-my youngest daughter home from Missouri for a visit


Gratefully yours,


holy experience


  1. Elizabeth what a great read. I love to read what makes others happy and I loved your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am so blessed with a wonderful, Godly husband also...


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