Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rest and realignment…

My son in law asks for me to pull the chalk line, then let it go.  It plinks against the wall and leaves a blue chalk mark…a plumb line.  This is the line that will keep everything straight, everything in alignment, as he puts the beadboard up in our bedroom.

The peace of God ruling my mind and heart is my inner plumb line.  I know I’ve gotten out of proper spiritual alignment if my mind and heart are in turmoil and  confusion-if I’m full of strife. When my mind and heart aren’t at rest, even in spite of what may be stressful outer circumstances, I know I’ve gotten off track.

I’m a get it done type gal.  I live life with a planner and a to-do list.  I can approach my relationship with God in the same way.  Read my Bible-check.  Pray through my list-check.  It’s as shallow as, “kiss hubby and tell him I love him-check”.  Rest is found in right relationship.  Right relationship takes time and undivided attention.  If I’m not at rest inside, I know I’m out of alignment relationally…somewhere I’ve strayed from the plumb line.

Next week hubby and I will go somewhere hot and sunny.  We will rest.  We will not fill our days with sightseeing and activity, but with rest, reading, relaxing. Hubby and I will reconnect as husband and wife, not as dad and mom, papa and nana, pastor and pastor’s wife.    I will bring clean, fresh journal pages, my Bible, and well chosen inspirational reading that I’ve neglected.  I will soak up Son and sun. God and I will reconnect as Bridegroom and Bride, Lover and Beloved, Father and Favorite Child. It’s time to get realigned.


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  1. it sounds delightful! Have fun and report back! :)

  2. Beautiful thoughts! I need to realign often. Have a wonderful time away. Can't wait to hear about it when you return.

  3. Sounds just beautiful Elizabeth. We sound a lot alike! Have a restful time with your hubby!

  4. Good for you, you have been through it lately. Enjoy Jesus and your sweet hubby!!

    Love and Blessings to you my friend!!

  5. What a wonderful week you have ahead of you! I can have those same tendancies as well! But I also know that I will fail miserably without a "plan or list" so, for ME, it is more for keeping my heart right and all in balance!!

    Enjoy your time w/the Lord and your DH! Praying for your time!!

  6. You sound like me. So I can really appreciate how much you will love next week! May the Lord bless you with all the things you need as you rest in Him...

  7. OK I need a re-alignment too!! God bless and have a great Vacation, Debbie

  8. Awesome. ... Sounds like you have some time of TRUE REST ahead of you.

    God as our inner plumb line. I like that. A lot.


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