Monday, May 17, 2010

Unwrapping Portland…

For those of you who have never been to Portland I thought
it would be fun to tell you a wee bit about our city. 
 I grew up in a small town south of Portland.  I left to go to college.  There I met my husband and over the years we have been the pastors of churches in different parts of our state.  Twelve years ago we moved back to Portland, which felt to me like coming home.
Portland is called the City of Roses because the climate here makes it easy to grow roses.  That is the whole unromantic truth about that.

It is also often called Stumptown. The reason for this is the early settlers cut down the trees to make a clearing for the town, so the landscape used to be dotted with stumps.  The original clearing is downtown on the waterfront and is marked with a plaque.
Portland is divided into east and west by the Willamette River.  If you cannot pronounce the name of this river correctly, it’s a dead giveaway you are not from here.  Say will-a (as in apple)-met.  And just for the record our state is  pronounced Orygun, not Orygone.  The east and west sides of the city are connected by nine bridges over the Willamette.
Portland is bordered on the north by the beautiful Columbia River. 
The Columbia separates Oregon from Washington state.
(looking across the Columbia from Vancouver, Washington toward Portland)

The downtown area of our city is on the west side of the Willamette.  In the heart of downtown is Pioneer Courthouse Square, also known as Portland’s living room.
The tallest building in Portland is nicknamed Big Pink.

Beverly Cleary, famous children’s author, was a librarian at Multnomah County’s main library in downtown Portland.
Portland is a very environmentally conscious city.  We have a commuter light rail system connecting all areas of town.
We also recycle everything we can.  Personally, I think some people take it just too far1
Happy Tuesday!
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  1. I was in Portland many years ago. Thanks for a peek into how it is today.

  2. I've never been out to your coast, but my sister dearly loves that area. I read a series about the early settlers of Oregon a while back; I think it was by Jane Kirkpatrick.

  3. Thanks for sharing 'our' town. Your photos are fantastic and I'm ready to cancel everything today and just head for a casual day in the city. Wandering with my camera would be a good diversion from the scheduled events of the day! This was a great tour and explanation. I love the main library - spent many hours there when I was young and working in downtown Portland!

  4. Thanks for sharing the photos of beautiful Portland. We were there last November visiting our oldest son. He just loves the area and I lived in Seattle when I was much younger but I just love the Pacific NW and your posts!

  5. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for the tour!

  6. Love your pictures here...the skyscraper reaching to the clouds is my favorite!


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