Sunday, March 14, 2010

So continuing gratitude list

holy experience
" Make thankfulness your sacrifice to God..."
Psalm 50:14

Gratitude list # 302-313

-God's faithful provision

-good friends and Famous Dave's Barbecue

-Grower's Outlet

-a walk with my granddaughter and grandson

-84 year old mama so excited to take a turn at Monday night family dinner for the whole gang. 
She took us out for giant burritos!

-working through a difficult, emotion filled conversation until heart understanding is reached

-snuggling and singing about Jesus with baby granddaughter

-a gift from a friend of the best fresh salsa

-fun times with my little buddy- lunch at McDonald's, a trip to Target,
going over to great grandma's, (my mama), to check on her

-dinner with a girlfriend

-fun phone calls:  "Nana, I lost another tooth!" 
 "Nana, guess what!  I'm at the play of Aladdin, and it's kind of like the movie, but different."

-our much, much loved church family-
especially the faithful ones who have been with us from the beginning,
and who have gone through, and are going through,
changes, changes and more changes,
with such love and grace

To Him Who deserves all of my thanks and praise,


  1. ♥ you and so very thankful for you too!!!!!

  2. How wonderful and fun to have your Mom still taking you out to dinner! I'm sure you must treasure each moment. It's a blessing to read how much you delight in your grandchildren, too. What a gift you must be to them.

  3. Looks like a fun time with the grandkids! Such blessings!


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