Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bible Study...

I am teaching an 8 week Bible Study class for our church.  The study is open to both men and women.  Our first class was last night. We had a great group in attendance and a wonderful evening together.  The topic is understanding and entering into intimacy with Christ, so I named the class Awakened Hearts.  All the men, and even some of the ladies, said the name was too feminine for a class for both men and women. So what do my friends in blog world think a good, gender inclusive, name would be on that topic?  In the meanwhile, thanks to all the guys who looked past the name and came anyway!


  1. I think awakening heart is great for both men and women!
    I just found your blog and I love it! I'm now a follower!


  2. Me too! I agree with Kaz and Amy...its such a beautiful name..

    Deborah \0/


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