Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beauty and the version...

Once upon a time a young couple fell in love, got married, and expected to live happily ever after.  They lived in the land of Hope and Promise.

After a couple of years of wedded bliss, they decided to start a family.  But things didn't happen the way they had planned, hoped, dreamed.  The doctors said there were complications.  Hope would rise up, only to be snatched away by loss.

So the young couple moved into the land called Waiting.  However, they made sure to take with them to their new home, the Book of Hope and Promise, so that in the land of Waiting, they would always remember the Truth. The Wicked One would whisper lies to them and tell them, "Just give up and move to the land of No Hope! Then you won't have to keep living with all of this disappointment." But they would just get out The Book, and read the promises one more time.  And then they would wait.

Time went by and the young couple decided to bring home a fuzzy, furry, little gray Beast to live with them.  Some people made fun of the Beast and said that she not only looked ugly, but she sounded ugly.  Some people said you couldn't tell the Beast's front end, from her back end. (How rude!)

 But the young couple loved the Beast and she loved them, and to them she was a cute little Beast.  The Beast lived with them year after year in the land of Waiting.  She saw the young couple in all of their ups and downs, and tried her best to bring a smile to their faces.  She waited, right along with them, day after day, month after month, year after year.

One day, the young couple disappeared for a few days, and left the Beast with a friendly Beast sitter.  The little Beast wondered what was up, because for months now things around the house had been changing.  Excitement was in the air. Something BIG was definitely about to happen.

And then it did!  The young couple came home, with a bundle in their arms.  They called her Beauty. 

The Beast was not jealous.  She loved Beauty from the beginning and thought that it was her job to help take care of her.  She took her job very seriously.  At first however, Beauty seemed oblivious to the Beast.  Then one happy day, Beauty noticed the Beast, and out of Beauty's sweet little mouth bubbled up the most delightful giggle.  From then on Beauty and the Beast became the best of friends, and they lived happily ever after with the young couple in the land of Joy.

The End

 from Beauty's Nana,


  1. Funny, cute and made me cry. Loved it!

  2. No beasts in this story. Just two cutie beauties!!! Nice!

  3. oh my goodness...the sweetest and i agree no beast here--just pug cuteness...i love these kinds of friend's named otis won me over when he sat over my pregnant belly as if to protect it:)

  4. oh, this is so tender, so well written... and she, so beautiful, your little long awaited miracle... i love the part about bringing the book and reading the promises. i love you, dear friend.

  5. How i love this. I can relate to both the waiting, the struggle to keep hope and the warm, bright blessing of a furry beast to wait, snuggled up, with you.


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