Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Is it in my DNA?

I woke up today to the sun shining through the window in the stair landing, right through my bedroom door, right into my eyes.  I must have just stayed there for ten minutes, loving the peek of evergreen covered hills and blue sky that I see over the rooftops of the apartment complex at the end of my street here in the city.  Portland...a wonderful combination of city and nature. And yet, as I lay there, it was thoughts of the sea that ran through my mind...wondering if just a 90 minute drive away, the sun is shining on the sea.  And then I wonder if this love of, this longing for the sea is in my very DNA.  Something inherited from my ancestors who settled Prince Edward Island, my grandparents who migrated south to Maine, my mama who longs for the seafood and the lobster that were, and are, common to those who grow up in that beautiful place by the sea. 

The ancestral home on P.E.I.

Beautiful Oregon Coast
The sea consoles me and comforts me.  When I look at it, I know that I know, there is a Creator God who is in control at all times.  Something in me feels I am at home by the sea...and again I wonder, is it in my DNA?

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