Monday, February 1, 2010

Always be grateful for...

holy experience

Have you ever said it, "It's always something!" with anger, or frustration in your voice?  Well, it is always something living in this world...from little annoying somethings, to big disastrous somethings.  Nobody made of flesh and blood escapes it.  It seems to me like somethings come in bunches. We go through a season of relative calm and then, wham! all the appliances in the house AND the car break down at the same time.  You know what I'm talking about.  In the ministry, you don't only deal with your own somethings, but a lot of other people's somethings as well.  It can be quite overwhelming at times.  But then, with just a little heavenly tweak in my perspective, in the midst of  "It's always something!", I can honestly say instead, "There's always something to be grateful for."  God has never, and will never, never, no never, leave me or forsake me in the midst of the somethings I have to deal with in this life, and the evidence of that fact is all around me, everyday.
Thank you God for...
241) A giant Starbucks coffee brought to me by my son in law...oh I was so desperate for good coffee that day, and it was so, so, good!
242) A very specific, clear word two days in a row to me from God's Word addressing what was going on in my heart.
243) An encouraging email addressing what was going on in my heart...God speaks through His people as well.
244) A hospital visit that was more encouraging for me than for the patient.
245) Computers, and phones, and tools to communicate.
246) Sunday pot roast dinner.
247) People who pray for and encourage us.
248) A dear friend who got back a good report from the doctor.
249) The tulips are peeking up in the yard!
250) A visit with my sister and brother in law.


  1. Don't you love it when God's Word is so clearly spoken to your heart in your specific time of need!

    Oh, and gotta love someone bringing you coffee!


  2. Tulips popping up in the yard...beautiful! I really love reading your blog because you always say such thoughtful things. It IS always something and having grown up on the mission field and in a pastors home, I understand about it always being something.
    I will be deligent to pray for you and your husband as you minister to others.
    Grace to you

  3. Tulips up - oh, my you are lucky! We have many centimetres of snow here and the high today was -5 degrees C. Enjoy! I liked reading your words, especially "never, never, no never . . ." - just what I need to b reminded of again. Happy Wednesday to you!!

    I came via A Holy Experience and it was nice to visit for a bit.

  4. Elizabeth, I just came across your blog, what a breath of fresh air. Your writings are so inspirational-- Thank You,Thank You for being so transparent. Vicki


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