Monday, February 22, 2010

God's love lanquages...

holy experience

I'm a words kind of gal... my preferred "love language" is definitely words, followed closely by a desire for quality time. Spend time with me in good open hearted conversation and I'm in heaven!  But love isn't always expressed  in words as we all know...sometimes it's shown by a loving touch, a thoughtful gift, an act of kindness.  My husband knows that I need words of love and affirmation, that I need quality time with him, and he is very good about speaking the language of love that I most understand.  However, I have come to recognize when he speaks love to me in "another tongue" so to the act of service he does daily when he makes the morning coffee and wakes me up by bringing me the first cup, or in physical touch, like holding my hand as we watch a movie.

God speaks His love in whatever language our heart most desires...words, of course!, quality time, He never leaves us!, acts of service, He died for us!, loving touch, absolutely!, thoughtful gifts, continually!  But sometimes, we can get so mono-lingual, (is that a real word?), that we fail to recognize the many, many ways that daily He is communicating His love to us.  And so, together we make our gratitude lists, looking for the many evidences of God's love right here in our real lives...


...Waking up on the morning after the grandkids spent the night, and finding them in bed with me, and Papa the one on the pallet on the floor

(the happy aftermath of a grandkid's sleepover)

...President's Day...the banks are closed, school is out, the flags are flying...sounds like a good reason to relax

...Watching husband talk, laugh and joke with the 20somethings from our church

...Visiting a friend at the hospital at the same time as three other gals...a girlfriend reunion right there

...Watching my husband remain calm and caring in a meeting that could have been tense and stressful

...On a busy day, so thankful for a husband who is easy to please and doesn't care  if we have tuna sandwiches for dinner

...Thankful for having my husband's help at the "bag your own groceries" grocery store

...A beautiful day and a wonderful lunch at a river view restaurant with my daughter's mom in glad she has fabulous in-laws, and baby granddaughter has another Papa and Nana that love her as much as we do

...A fun outing with a friend provided by another friend

...A beautiful day off spent babysitting baby granddaughter, enjoying the sun and enjoying her...laying her head on Papa's chest, eating the crust off our pizza, flirting with all the other people in the restaurant, playing in the bathtub, stealing licks from our ice cream cones

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  1. Gratitude seems to make the heart grow ... especially in seeing the things that we take for granted. Praising Him with you for all that your heart and eyes have seen this day.
    ~ linda


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