Monday, February 15, 2010

God hears and answers...

holy experience

Today is baby granddaughter's first birthday!

She is one of our greatest answers to prayer. For over eight years our oldest daughter tried to conceive, would finally conceive, and then miscarry.  For over eight years, they prayed, we all prayed, people literally all over the world prayed. Seeing my daughter experience all those years of waiting, and loss after loss, was devastatingly heartbreaking.  Seeing her hold her little answer to prayer is joy overflowing! 

Thank You, God for the answer but also for Your good purposes in the waiting, the longing, the losses...You are good and You do only good.  You are wise in all your ways. From the foundation of the world, You planned our little blonde blue eyed answer to prayer.  You saw the very day, the very moment, when You would speak the word, "Now!" and she would breathe her first breath. You always knew what You were doing.  You were always in control. When it all seemed so hard, so cruel, when our hearts doubted Your great heart, Your plan was still in motion.  And someday, You will sit down with my daughter, and show her the bottle where You have stored and treasured that which can only be produced in this world, in this flesh- her tears. You will show her how each one was precious to You, and how You used all that You allowed to work together for good.  Thank You.

And continuing to give thanks...

261) Husband and I both felt a little puny for an afternoon, but thank God, we DID NOT get the stomach flu!

262) Friends and silliness and laughing til you cry.

263) An email, "I'm glad you're my mom." 

264) God hearing and answering a heart cry.

265) Little red wagon for the birthday girl..found just what we wanted $20 less than we thought.  Love it that God cares about whatever we care about.

 266) Baby often are my grandkids on my gratitude list?

267) Six year old granddaughter and how her eyes twinkled with excitement talking about her and Mommy  making Valentine dinner for Daddy and brother...dressing up, eating by candlelight, then dancing together afterwards.  Five year old grandson who makes me laugh, laugh, laugh.

268) Sharing baby's birthday celebration with Auntie via Skype.

269) Having the same Valentine that I married almost 34 years ago...the flowers, card and dinner out were great too!

270) A great sister in law and brother in law who drove 4 hours to be at baby's party.


  1. Love this. I am so happy for her Mommy, Daddy and all of you.
    Happy Birthday baby girl, love you!

  2. Beautiful pictures Elizabeth. I love your list and how close your family is. Sharing a birthday party of such a special little girl is indeed a gift.

  3. What wonderful and thankful list is! She is just precious and I can tell just a treasure and a blessing in your lives! God is sooo very good!!Such a testimony of HIS grace, faithfulness and sovereignty!

    Much love to you


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