Thursday, January 21, 2010

Words of life part two...

So yesterday I blogged about how I'm a one Bible kind of gal.  I do not like breaking in a new Bible.  I like my Bible well used, well loved, familiar.  I like to it to be so familiar that I have a mental picture of just what side of the page the particular verse I am searching for is going to be found.  January 1, 2010 however, presented me with a Bible dilemma.  It has been a few years since I've read through the Bible in a year and I really felt it was time to do that again.  I've certainly read the Bible, and probably read every book, (o.k., maybe not Leviticus), but just haven't done it systematically in a year for a while.  But when your "go to" Bible, the Bible you are currently living in and with, is the Amplified Bible, lets just say they should call it reading through one and a half Bibles in a year. I'm just sayin'!  There's a whole lot of extra reading in the Amplified Bible!  And to add to the dilemma, I wanted a Bible reading plan that was simple to follow, Some of them can get crazy complicated.  So, since we were on our little family coastal getaway on 1/1/10, I headed over to the convienently located near our condo Tree of Life outlet and for $17 bought a One Year Bible in the New Living Translation.  Easy!  Each day I read the pages for that complicated charts or difficult systems to follow.  This Bible I will leave unmarked so that it can be used repeatedly year after year...and like the new year, it will be a fresh, new "clean slate" from which God can speak to me.  As I am reading it, I journal the things God speaks to me from that day's reading.  My much loved Amplified Bible stays by my side if I want to look up a verse in that translation or want to write margin notes, note the date by it, or underline it.  I am really loving the easy reading style of the New Living Translation, and of course reading God's Word, no matter your preferred method or translation, is always life giving and life changing.


  1. Thanks! I am so happy that I found your blog. You inspire me to be better and DO better. Not a perfect person just a sinner saved by God's grace. I too have a NLT version of the Bible and I love to read from it. I got a new Bible this year because the daily bible study I was going to do recommended that I get a new one to start that study so it would be fresh and new when I read it and not with notes and markings. Has been a good idea. Still love my old worn and loved Bible.

  2. may the Lord Continue to pour in your heart and your life so you can continue to inspire everyone who stop and read your blog. I thank God for you.
    rest in Him.


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