Saturday, January 9, 2010

Three lessons from the prayer room...

Several people have commented that they are anxious for me to blog about what God spoke to me this week at the International House of Prayer...

Lesson one...I habitually come to God with Amplified Bible, journal, One Year Bible to read the daily entry, Loving God devotional book and separate journal that goes with that, gratitude journal in which I am writing my 1000 thanks, prayer notebook filled with lists and prayer guides...even as I am typing this it sounds so ridiculous and encumbering!  So there I came into the prayer room, dragging my huge bag of stuff...and I look around and many are just sitting there soaking and recieving God's love and being strengthened in the inner man, and cultivating intimacy, and relaxing in His presence...and so I ask my daughter as I watch her just resting like that, and she teaches me...take one verse, close your eyes, meditate on the Word, recieve His love, rest, relax, soak. 

Lesson two...another layer of healing in regards to the Father's love.  Many of you know, my dad left my mom and our family for another woman when I was 9 years old.  Over the years layer upon layer God has done a miraculous work of healing in my heart regarding this.  The testimony of what He did in healing my relationship with my dad before he passed away is very dear to my heart.  But one night in the prayer room, the Father did another layer of ministry to me in this area.  His emphasis to me was the purity of the Father's love.  His love is not tainted in any way with the brokenness that my earthly father's love was.  His love is pure, true, trustworthy.

Lesson three...this one was about how precious my tears are to He keeps each one.  He ministered to me about the tears I have shed over giving my girls to Him, for His purposes even if that means they are far away from me.  He spoke to my heart about what a treasure those particular tears are to Him.

Now I am back home...I love, love, love home.  But it's a challenge to come back to the Martha world of laundry and bills and work, and leave the Mary world of the prayer center.  I so want to live in the Mary world  in my spirit no matter where I am, or what I need to get done.  Please God, teach me how...

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