Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ordered steps...

holy experience
For years we lived in a parsonage, church owned housing for us, their minister.  I made those houses our home as much as possible, but I really wanted to own a home of our own.  So, year after year, that request was on my prayer list.  I always added the words, "in Your timing and in Your place, Lord"  because I knew that a home of our own could turn into a hindrance if God wanted us to relocate and we were stuck with a house that we couldn't get rid of.  When we moved to pastor the church here in Portland, there was no parsonage.  Not having the finances to buy a home at that time, we began to look for a rental.  We scanned the local paper and began to make phone inquiries on rentals that seemed a possibility.  One of those was a brand new duplex, owned by a small family run construction company.  We called and asked to see it, explaining our situation and the reason we were moving to Portland. Not long after, we received a return call from the owners, saying that they felt like we were supposed to move into this rental, and in fact, they said they were going to waive the fees and preliminary paperwork in order to get us in.  We happily lived in that little place for two years. One day, something needed repaired, so the owner came by, did the work, and walked back out to his truck to leave.  Suddenly, he turned around, came back to the door, walked in and said to me, "I'm supposed to build you a house!"  He had us pick out the lot, he paid the upfront costs, and arranged the financing, and within the year we were in a home of our own.  That was over ten years ago.  I still love to tell the story of how God ordered our steps and provided for us.  Out of all the rentals in the city of Portland, He leads us to the rental that is owned by the person that He knows He will use to help us to get a home...but the miracle isn't really the reason I'm sharing this story on Multitude Monday.  This house, my miracle house, is small and it has a small kitchen, and the whole living area is rather small. A few years ago I began to forget the miracle, and all I could see was the small.  I stopped enjoying our house.  I began to just "housekeep" and not "homemake"...I just cleaned and maintained it, I stopped decorating, updating, nesting, My focus began to be on bigger.  I wanted bigger.  We even  made an offer on a bigger house and tried to sell, but, well you know what the market is like right now.  But a few months ago, about the same time I started my gratitude list, I started to love our little home again.  I started to homemake again, instead of just housekeep...some paint here, a candle there.  Sure, I still would love a bigger house to make it easier to have larger groups of people over.  In fact, I pray about it.  But now it's with a heart of gratitude and thanks, for what I already have.
"...with thanksgiving, make your wants known to God." Phillippians 4:6

Thank You God for...

221) A great combined service for our church's north and south locations, and a great week of prayer

222) Home!

223) Baby grandaughter is crawling now!

224) Cousins helping our youngest daughter with a car repair

225) That same daughter finding her "niche"...(even if it is in Missouri, and not by her mama)

226) Sons in law who love Jesus and who love my daughters and grandbabies

227) Prayer support for hurting ones in the church

228) A sunny January day and a great walk in my neighborhood

229) My One Year Bible.  I love how easy and uncomplicted it makes reading through the Bible.

230) My husband who loves me and tells me so


  1. #225 and #226...
    It is indeed hard when our children chose to serve the Lord in a location that is far from us! It is a gift that we give them to affirm them in their choice...I am learning to do that!
    And, the joy of seeing the partner that they have chosen love them and love and honor Jesus...greatest gift, to be sure. Warms my heart to spend time with them.
    And, your story about your miraculous it is when God can completely change our attitude by the simple act of gratitude.
    grace and peace to you.

  2. What a beautiful story and great acoompanying pictures. Gratitude for Him right where we are...

  3. Lovely posts and pictures of your "small" house. Your post reminded me of some things I needed to be grateful for. Thanks!


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