Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Experiencing God in my real life...

holy experience

Ann at Holy Experience asked us to share on this Walk with Him Wednesday how we have recently experienced God.  And so I rack my brain and search my heart, for some earth shattering, "I will never be the same" moment.  But the truth of the matter is, while I have had a few such experiences with God, more often than not His presence and intervention in my life is a lot more "everyday" than that.  Like manna*, faithfully given to the children of Israel as their daily sustenance, so is God's presence in my life.  I simply don't live, breathe, function, without Him.  And like manna, I must live on today's manna-His presence, His love, and His work in my life today.  While the memories of the ways I have experienced Him in my life in the past are to be cherished and rememembered, they are not adequate sustenance for today.  I need fresh Bread from Heaven in my life each day.

 So, to answer Ann's question, I experienced God this week...
-when I prayed with some of His people at our church's weekly night of prayer
-when I was reading His Word and journaling and out of my heart and onto the paper came the words,
"God, mark me as a Lover of God. Set Your mark on my heart."

-when I read the words in Matthew 14:36 that all who touched Jesus were healed and so in prayer alone, as well as with others, I reached out and asked for Him to heal the muscle spasms in my neck.
My neck has been much, much better this week.

-when I asked God to bring His order to a day that had overwhelmingly too much to do in it,
 and everything I needed to do got done
-when I gathered with others at church on Sunday and I felt His heart for people...overwhelming love
-when the church shed tears and prayed together on Sanctity of Life Sunday,
 and asked God to help us make a difference for more young mamas and save more babies
-when I spent time with my grandbabies- all three miraculous answers from heaven
-when I took a walk on a blessedly sunny January day and once again saw and gave thanks for
the beauty He has created just for us to enjoy


-when, like the layers of an onion, He dealt with another layer of darkness in my soul

When I really look, really take notice, I am experiencing God everyday, right here in my real life.


*see Exodus 16


  1. Beautifully said! Yes, those "little" experiences are definitely manna each day. I'm trying to remember to stay in the day and be satisfied with today's supply of manna. Tomorrow I will receive tomorrow's supply.

    Thanks for blessing me today,

  2. Just like the Israelites, we need our manna every day. I also love to spend time every morning in prayer and studying the Word. When I miss my early quiet time, even my husband notices. It is often those little daily experiences that keep us satisfied.


  3. So, so true! Thank you for your insights. God is our everyday God --- right beside us to meet our every need, every day.


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