Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Too much Martha, not enough Mary...

holy experience

Time. Is it just me, or do you feel it too?  This month, of all months, there should be time to be a Mary. (Luke10)  There should be time to just sit at Jesus' feet, to listen to Him, to worship Him.  But, in spite of my good intentions, during December, the million and one Martha things to do just seem to snowball out of control, and the time flies, and now it's only two days until His birthday.  The Martha things are done-the cards written and mailed, the baking done, the gifts bought and wrapped.  I'm ready in that way.  But I don't want to be outwardly ready for a holiday, and not inwardly, heart ready, for a holy day.  I don't want my heart to be so full of stuff and distractions, that like the inn of long ago, Jesus finds there's just no room for Him.  But amazing God that He is, He stands at the door of my heart and knocks to be allowed entrance, (Revelation 3:20).  When I open the door and let Him in, He helps me clean out the mess to make room so He can stay. And hang out. And have fellowship. With me!  Amazing God comes in with His amazing grace and let's me know He loves me, even though I've been a little too much of a Martha this month.

John 11:5  And Jesus loved Martha, and her sister, and Lazarus.


  1. Ah, the constant struggle between being a Mary in a Martha world. Beautiful post.

  2. A beautiful post. I hope you were able to be a Mary yesterday and enjoy the day with family and Jesus. I struggle with being a Martha too often also. Today I'm devoting to being a Mary! So I'm so blessed that God led me to your blog today (even though I'm late) so I could read this very entry.
    Thanks and blessings to you,


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