Thursday, December 24, 2009

Just what I wanted for Christmas, a little early...

Yesterday morning, two hours with Him.  Bliss!  A cup of coffee, the Word, prayer, journaling...real communication, not just hurried ritual.  Then an hours brisk walk, in the cold, foggy morning, with Handel's Messiah playing on the Ipod.  How can you not love that? The foretelling of Jesus and His birth and of His future reign from the Bible set to beautiful music.  My heart feels softer, cleaner, ready for the holy day to come.  Again this morning, company coming for brunch, but first, an hour with Him.  Now, company is gone, and there's just enough time before tonight's Christmas eve festivities for a walk...Alleluia! 

Everything's ready for the Big Day...

The Jesse Branch counting down to Christmas with 25 titles of Jesus...
the last one to put on is Lion of Judah Revelation 5:5

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