Monday, December 14, 2009

Girl's night out...

holy experience

It was a Mom moment, a NOT GOOD Mom moment.  You see, every year our family has a beautiful Christmas tradition of dressing up, and going downtown to hear the Oregon Symphony's Gospel Christmas...the beauty of the orchestra teamed with choir members from various churches singing joyous praise to Jesus in the heart of downtown Portland is WONDERFUL.
This year it was extra important to me, this family tradition, since our youngest will be moving away after the holidays.  But the family just couldn't seem to get it together.  The symphony was performing for three nights, but only one of the nights were we all available. However, by the time we all coordinated our schedules the only tickets left were so far back in the balcony, it was pointless to go.  Me and my already overwhelmed feelings, (I am VERY happy when all my little chicks and grandchickies stay close to the nest, and very emotional when they leave), had a meltdown.  This year, of all years, the tradition was important to me...before youngest chick flew the coop.  I had the mother of all meltdowns...accompanied by racking sobs.  Husband looked like a deer caught in the headlights.  I think even our daughters were a might freaked out...I am not normally overcome by hysterical crying fits. They came to the rescue, and it ended up, that although hubby and the sons-in-law couldn't attend, myself and our girls and oldest grandaughter were able to. It was a beautiful night with my girls.  I'm thankful to God, and to my family, for their grace extended to this hysterical mom, and for a very, very special night. (Gratitude #171)
  Also thankful for...
161) An afternoon with oldest grandaughter-going to Costco, baking cookies, watching White Christmas

162) Family dinner, followed by laughter with my daughters in the car going to my niece-in-laws house

163) Hearing my hubby on the baby monitor singing to baby grandaughter and praying with her

164)  Having hot Vietnamese pho soup with my husband, daughter and son-in-law on a cold, cold, day

165) My sister and I taking our 84 year old mama for a pedicure

166) Buying the traditional yearly Christmas pjs for the grandbabies

167) Getting to see baby grandaugher have her photo with Santa

168) A surprise from hubby, "just to cheer me up"

169) God's necessary correction..."whom He loves He disciplines..."

170) The words "I love you, Mom"

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  1. I fear we must be kindred spirits as I can relate totally to a hysterical meltdown. I had one not too many days ago for something so much less important that not being able to follow a tradition. It is hard to let go of our children as they grow up and being an empty nester is challenging.
    God bless you! And thank you for sharing your heart.


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