Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Keep them in your mind...your lips will be accustomed to confessing them.

holy experience

Ann over at Holy Experience suggested we share this week about how we memorize scripture. Gulp!

I am guilty of not having a scripture memorization plan. So, here's the reality about me...

1) I may look up scriptures in other translations and paraphrases, but I am a loyalist when it comes to the Word of God. I get a Bible I love, and I love it for years, sometimes decades. I read it and mark it up until there's hardly anything left to mark! In that way, the words become familiar to me, imprinted on my mind and heart. I can visualize the words of a scripture, and know where to turn to find it. I can even picture what side of the page it is on. I can repeat the words, though maybe not perfectly. Ask those who know me, and they will testify that you will OFTEN hear these words from my lips..."The Word of God says in Colossians..." or whatever verse is appropriate to the conversation, the counseling session, the friend in need. Oh how I love the Word of God, and when I plant it in my mind and heart, the Holy Spirit has something to bring to my remembrance when it's needed.

2) I pray the Word. I print out scriptures that I pray aloud back to God. ( About 20 actual scripture portions right now.) I really believe that words have power for death or for life...and what is more life-giving than speaking God's Word? I also have confidence that I am praying God's will when I pray His Word. So daily when I verbalize, " Thank You God that I am strong, courageous and firm. It is You, Lord, who goes before me; there will be no cowardice or flinching. I will fear not, neither become broken in spirit- depressed, dismayed or unnerved with alarm."(Deuteronomy 31:7-8)-I am memorizing it without really trying. I love the fact that God's Word, like a sharp, powerful, two-edged sword, is accomplishing something in me and through me, and in the very spiritual atmosphere around me when I speak it out.

"Listen, (consent and submit) to the words of the wise, and apply your mind to my knowledge. For it will be pleasant if you keep them in your mind (believing them); your lips will be accustomed to confessing them. So that your trust, (belief, reliance, support, and confidence) may be in the Lord..." Proverbs 22:17-19 Amplified Bible


  1. Ahhh...same here. In fact, my Bible looks more like a coloring book! Lol...

    You're invited to join me:

    for some laughs...

  2. Yes, this has been what has worked for me over the years. I used to pray scripture more than I am doing right now so you have encouraged me to start that again. Thank you for a MIGHTY Word from God. Dianne


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