Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's overwhelming...

I am overwhelmed with my own inadequacy. What made me think I could communicate a truth that I have barely scratched the surface of to 36 ladies at our yearly retreat? The retreat theme is "First Things". That sounds relatively easy...there's dozen of first things in God's Word that we could talk about. But there's really only one first first thing. It all began with LOVE. God, perfect and complete in all that He is and in all of His ways is LOVE. Perfect love existed between Father, Son and Holy Spirit. There was nothing lacking, no need, that drove God to create you and I. He created us, not out of need, but out of desire. A God who desired to bring His creation into the realm of perfect love that already existed in Himself. He made us so that out of His creation would arise voluntary lovers of God who would become His family, and the bride for His Son.

I think of this, this God who made Himself vulnerable by loving and longing after such a contrary lover as myself...and I can barely grasp it for myself, and yet I am desperate to communicate even what little I am learning to these ladies. I know that this is the key, the answer to so much of what drives us down wrong paths, pursuing wrong lovers...we just don't get it, don't understand what we have already have, don't understand Whose we are, and how ravished He is with love for us. I thought I understood Ephesians 3:18...the breadth, length, height and depth of His love...but like some bottomless lake, the farther I wade into His love the deeper it just keeps getting. Overwhelmed with His love, and with my inadequacy to explain this love so vast, so endless, and yet so personal.

"Where is your Beloved hiding Himself? For we would seek Him with you." Song of Solomon 6:1
36 ladies together seeking You this weekend...Beloved One, show us Your face.


  1. will you pass the word and help this mom today?

  2. After reading this, I am so sad that I wont be able to make it... I know that there is a reason behind it, more of one besides work - I just cant seem to put my finger on it... Love to all of you going :)


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