Monday, October 12, 2009

3-D glasses

holy experience

The four of us sat there in the theater for the 3-D matinee, popcorn balanced on our laps. Papa, me, oldest grandaughter, only grandson, all in a row wearing the big black-framed 3-D glasses. They looked like the joke glasses that come with a nose and mustache attached, only minus the nose and minus the mustache. However, once the movie started, the effect was worth the humiliation. The credits opened with a scene of snowflakes. They seemed so close to our faces that grandson reached out with his hand, thinking he could catch one.

At times I wish I had a pair of heaven sent, supernatural glasses. Glasses to help me see things the way God wants me help keep my vision focused on the abundance of blessings that God has lavished on me, instead of on today's irritations or problems. Glasses to help me focus on "whatsoever things are lovely" instead of on the scratches, dents, wrinkles, imperfections, of life in the flesh in this temporal world. Instead, God says, choose Elizabeth, how to see, what to think. And in my choices, my daily, moment by moment choices to focus on the praiseworthy, may He be glorified.
71. Teaching the Word of God in church yesterday...what a privilege!
72. Notes of encouragement
73. Baby grandaughter's first attempts at words, "ba,ba,,ma, ma"
74. My mom, another health rebound! (Evidenced by her request for me to take her to the store to buy some chocolates!)
75. Paper, pen, blank computer screen, tools to pour out thoughts from the heart
76. A church of young families, all posting pictures of family adventures at the pumpkin patch
77. Yesterday at church, a very broken woman, melting, weeping, being changed by God's love
78. 34 ladies going on a retreat together
79. A car repair that turned out to be minor, inexpensive, easy to fix
80. My husband's voice as he sings and worships

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  1. Oh Elizabeth! I love way you write. I almost felt like I was joining you, wearing those silly glasses, giggling, and sharing some popcorn with your wonderful family! We would have a blast!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love your list... especially #77.... loving brokenness, and change! God is Good!

    Love you,


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