Thursday, September 24, 2009

God hears our cries...

As I knelt by my little prayer bench this morning I look at some faith confessions I had printed up and framed years ago. Oh, there were many things I was believing God for, many things I still pray for daily that haven't been fully realized in the physical world yet...but always, at the top of my prayer list was for my daughter to have the child her heart was crying out for. I can't begin to describe the pain in my heart when I first heard the groaning cries coming from behind closed doors as she told her husband that the doctor said it might never be. Then, amazingly soon after that negative report, a pregnancy!....followed by the grief of loss...years of nothing, then hope, then loss, two, three grandbabies in heaven. Nine years later, hundreds of prayers, people all over the world praying, bushels of tears....No good thing has God withheld from us...our promised baby girl will soon be 8 months old. Let me encourage you today...don't give up. God hears, God answers....faithful, faithful God.

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