Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lovin' my life...

Well, it's day two of life without my job at the elementary school and I'm lovin' it! I actually woke up at 5:45am the past two mornings, which is the same time I would normally get up for my job at the school, so I said a prayer for the staff and students.

It's a busy week, as we get ready for the fall kick-off at church this weekend. Fall is always a time when we refocus and re-emphasize vision. Last night we had a leadership and workers meeting that was really encouraging. I love the new people that God has given us with our north location, and of course, love the ones that have already been a part of our church family in Portland. I can sense God's hand in putting us together. It's been such a relief for me to be able to plunge into what needs to be done at the church with energy because I am not also working a full time job elsewhere.

I am also loving the fact that I can take better care of my home and hubby and pay more attention to the three cutest grandkids in the world. And of course, I now have more time to read the Word, study and pray, which is greatly appreciated and so necessary. I feel like I have something in the well to draw from in order to minister to others. I believe God has led me, and my decision was the right I said, I'm lovin' my life!

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