Monday, July 6, 2009

Can't sleep...

It is 11:30. I am in a motel room in Everett, Washington listening to the loud snores of one husband, and the light wiffling snores of my 6 year old granddaughter and 5 year old grandson. We came up here from our home in Portland to check on my husband's mother, who is in an adult foster home not far from this hotel. We brought our two oldest grandkids to see great grandma and to have a special little getaway time with us.

Tonight Papa and grandson had "boy night" which consisted of going to a Mariner's baseball game. Granddaughter and I had a "girl night" which consisted first of all, of some "artjects" (see last blog entry for the definition), here in the hotel room. Secondly, we got ready...this consisted of curling her hair, changing her clothes, putting some sparkly polish on her fingernails, putting on lip gloss, deciding whether she should wear the blue or the yellow headband, etc. Next we went to the Olive may recall, (again from my last blog entry), that noodles are her favorite. Since spaghetti and meatballs are on the top of my fav. foods list as well, it was a perfect choice for dinner. Question of the in the world does one little six year old girl eat two breadsticks, two bowls of salad, a bowl of spaghetti topped with a meatball, and then top the whole thing off with a chocolate chip cookie? Thank God, that our next activity involved a little bit of walking...we drove to a nearby outlet mall to do what almost every girl's night out! Hopping out of the car, my granddaughter announced, "let's buy me an outfit and some earrings, Nana!" What followed was her finding the sparliest gaudiest thing in the store, (like a shirt with a rhinestone peace sign on it...she, of course, has no idea what a peace sign is), telling me that was what she wanted, and me trying to steer her toward something a little more wearable. We came back to the hotel with two cute tops for her, and a necklace and matching earrings. Upon getting back, one happy little girl got on her nightie, brushed her teeth and laid in bed to watch a movie.

Halfway through the movie Papa and grandson got back. One look at our little guy sporting a new ball cap, carrying a stuffed Mariner's moose, and a bag of leftover peanuts and with the biggest smile on his face told me that boy's night had been a big success as well.
After he was ready for bed, we read books, said prayers, and soon all three, Papa, and the two kids, were snoring away.

I agree with my granddaughter's comment made at dinner, "Nana, we should do boys night and girls night every year!"

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  1. This hits me where I live. Grandmas rule! Had surprise phone call from 16 year old Grandaughter who talked for over an hour. Really opened up, and similar call from daughter same morning. God is on the move in families!
    You really do have a gift for writing. So when is the first book coming out? Bless you, Susan Palmer


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