Thursday, May 14, 2009

My grandson...

My grandson turned five years old this week. He is,to me, one of the most fasinating creatures God ever made. As the mother of three girls, and nana to two granddaughters and only one grandson,(so far at least), males are a rarity. So, to me, a mom who raised only daughters, everything he does is interesting and often hilarious.

He was, technically, our first grandchild...a long story that I won't go in to here. I was in the room when he was born. I remember leaving the hospital and everyone one I met, stranger or not, was greeted by me with the words, "I just became a grandma! I have a grandson!" He stole my heart at first glance and he has been "Nana's boy" ever since. And in a blink of an eye, it's five years later...Happy Birthday Nana's boy...I love you forever.

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