Sunday, May 3, 2009

Funny Sunday

Today was a funny, odd day at church. Our church is definitely not one that fits into a mold or box, so unusual days aren't really that unusual for us, but today was more unusual than normal! We ended our service today with a wedding. A few weeks back, the bride to be came back to church after having been away for quite some time, with her boyfriend in tow. He accepted Christ as His Savior and Lord, and she recommitted her life to Him. Very soon, they wanted to make things right between them and before God, by getting married and asked to do so following the Sunday morning service. Today was that day.

The congregation was notified ahead of time that following the service there was going to be a wedding and to please stay for the ceremony. However, what neither the congregation, or the pastors were aware of, was that during the sermon, all of the non church attending wedding guests and family members were going to come marching into the service up to the front seats, pose their kids for pictures, take photos, and in general, act like we weren't in the middle of church! My husband, the pastor, tried to valiantly keep preaching, what up to that point had been an awesome message. But let's face it, neither he, nor the rest of us sitting and trying to listen could focus after that. The majority of our church, troopers that they are, stayed through the whole unusual, messy, happy event. Me, in my desire to appear "together", chaffed a bit at the whole "untogetheredness" of it all. And to top it off, we had visitors in the service today...what were they thinking?

This afternoon, I just had to laugh. I began to think how, for some odd reason, my favorite little boys in the classes I work in are not usually the smartest, best looking, or most "together" ones. I just always seem to have a soft spot in my heart for the uncoordinated freckled faced ones with the pokey out ears, or the chubby ones with the funny sense of humor, or the ornery ones. I imagined God looking at our church today...with its uncoordinated ways, and saying, "That's one of my favorite ones. I have a soft spot in my heart for them."

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