Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Weekly Gratitude Journal

The text asked us to please pray. A loved one was hurting. The last few years have been hard and cruel, wearying and wounding, especially for young people. Life had turned gray, hopeless, pointless. My heart ached. I could relate to the battle with depression as I had first encountered the same battle when I was our dear one's same age. As I prayed I felt the assurance that God had this one in His hand, just as He had had me all those decades ago. I felt that this battle would become an intersection in our loved one's life put there by God, just as that same battle had been in mine. 

Later that morning, I went on a previously scheduled outing with a friend. Our original plans had changed, however, due to a medical issue she had had the night before. Instead of a day trip out of town, we stayed close to home, visiting some antique stores only a few miles from my house.

For weeks I had been searching online for a Le Creuset white grand teapot. I already own a smaller white Le Creuset teapot with a matching cream pitcher and sugar bowl. I wanted the matching larger teapot because I do a lot of hosting of groups of women who love to drink tea. Sadly, I was not having any luck finding the teapot. I either couldn't find the color or it was too expensive with shipping fees from the UK added on top of the already high price.

Some places labeled "antique store" should more truthfully be labeled "thrift store" and that was the case of the last store my friend and I had on our agenda for the day. As we were heading toward the exit to leave the store, I noticed the top of a white teapot tucked behind other miscellaneous junk on a shelf. When I picked it up to have a closer look, I was shocked to find that it was a white Le Creuset grand teapot in mint condition! In fact it looked as though it may never have been used. The price tag said twelve dollars! I was overjoyed! Instantly, I knew that this was a God moment. I also knew that it wasn't about Him giving me the exact teapot I wanted. It was about knowing that He sees me, hears me and cares for me. He is aware of every tiny detail, care, need, desire and longing in my life. He cares for me watchfully and affectionately. And I knew He was reassuring me, though the lesson of the teapot, that He has my loved one securely in His loving, watchful care as well. 

Since 2009 I've been counting my blessings thanks to the prompting of Ann Voskamp.
 I continue to count my thanks, 
piling up gratitude day by day in my journal.
(and capturing some of my blessings via my camera or iPhone)

(Catching up on August's gratitude journal posts.)

-the handsome bald eagle that likes to perch on the tree across the river from the cabin

-a perfect Oregon coast beach day together 

-the most delicious Marionberry pie purchased at a little coastal bakery 
-finding my lens cover after losing it the brush on the path to the river
-kayaking with my little buddy

-God's faithfulness, care, provision, protection, mercy, grace and love toward me 
every moment of all of these past sixty five years
-all three of my girls together to celebrate my birthday with me as well as
six of my grandkids. And phone calls from the oldest two grands that couldn't be here.
-a trip to Maine the end of this month for my birthday surprise!

-this time with my daughters and grandkids
-a windy day, a kayak that almost came off the top of the car on the freeway, 
but we made it safely back home from the cabin!
-good reports from tonight's men's gathering at church

-all of the cards, texts, messages I got for my birthday
-a good night's sleep
-praying with a friend

-our daughters and grandkids had safe travels back home to the east coast
-a great big hot coffee and a sweet time in prayer and the word
-a quiet day to rest after having a houseful for 2 1/2 weeks

-listening to good teaching while doing my chores
-a deep cleaned house
-a farewell dinner with our growth group for a dear friends who is moving away

-a wonderful day at church
-a good talk with a friend
-a really yummy lunch - London Broil on the grill, corn on the cob, Caesar salad
-a good time of prayer, sharing and planning with my VLT

-a quiet day to study
-facetime chats with my east coast kids and grandkids
-a thoughtful birthday gifts from a friend

-a sweet time in prayer
-my husband bringing me dinner so I don't have to cook before my meeting
-a faithful one who always helps with set-up for our meetings
-such a good crowd at our gathering-God is building our church!

-a new chair for my home office
-a husband who is super easy to please about dinner
-talking to and praying with my granddaughter
-a walk after dinner

-our grandson's first day of kindergarten
-my eight year old grandson FaceTiming me to tell me he knows the history of the song
 we sing together, "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus. 
"It was written in "Nana times!" You know, the 1900's!" 😂😂😂
-dinner with my guy at our favorite Mexican restaurant

-a day to rest before a very full weekend that begins tonight 
-a brisk walk with the dog before tonight's meeting
-God's continued work in us as a church

-wakng up to the voice of our five year old grandson facetiming Papa
-my sister! Today is her birthday!
-waking up feeling better after a migraine
-a beautiful day of growing in God and in relationship with one another 

-a beautiful time of worship
-a word that challenges old mindsets
-God at work in people in a visible way
-God at work in us as a church in a way that is noticeable to others

-Facetime calls from our east coast girls and grandkids
-God's care and provision for us
-my cozy morning quiet time spot

-homemade blueberry pancakes
-a big pot of yellow mums
-a BOGO sale on vitamins

-our son-in-law safely home from a trip to Rwanda
-lunch together at one of our favorite spots
-a FaceTime chat with my granddaughter
-a good report from a friend 

beautiful morning sky
-a beautiful morning in prayer and the word
-cooler weather than forecasted 

-my guy caught a 17lb salmon
-trusting God's work in my hurting loved one
-a perfect condition white Le Creuset grand teapot for $12!

-a morning with the Lord
-an "I love you nana" text
-a clean house
-writing a "book" to mail to my grandkids

-the beautiful presence of God
-the power of the Word to break and to heal, to tear down and to build
-a FaceTime chat with my grandson
-my big brother got water baptized!

-my cozy home office
-the pink sunrise
-a little creative crafting project
-yard work that I've been procrastinating finally done
-The I Exalt Thee album that I've been feasting on for days
-a beautiful dinner and time of growing together with our growth group

still following,

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  1. God is so good! And belated happy birthday wishes, dear friend. We spent three weeks on the Washington and Oregon Coast for the first weeks of August so I completely missed sending wishes on the right day!


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