Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Weekly Gratitude Journal (and catching up with you about my life)

Hello to any friends who are still following along on this much neglected blog. I have good intentions to write regularly, not just these weekly gratitude posts, but other types of writing. My mind is full of ideas and posts half written in my thoughts, but the time and discipline to sit down and just do it escapes me. When we restructured our church a year ago my responsibilities increased. I am now doing a lot more mentoring and teaching and growth group oversight. While I love the connections God has given me online through this blog, I know God wants me to prioritize the in person relationships and responsibilities He has given me. I do know, however, that if I choose well in the spare time I do have, if I disciplined myself a bit better, I could find the time. I want to write current content and I also want to go back through my blog and hard copy some of my favorite posts from the thirteen years I've written here. The other day, my sister asked me to send her a post I had written about our mama. When I went to retrieve it, I found the first few paragraphs here on my blog, but realized the rest of the post was posted via a link to another blog for which I had been guest writing that week. Sadly, that blog no longer exists so that piece of writing is now lost. So, that spurred me on to want to be sure to preserve some of my past writing.

Since I last posted, we made a quick trip to visit our youngest daughter and her family in Florida and our middle daughter and her family in South Carolina. Gosh, I miss my now east coast living kids and grandkids. I'm not swept beneath the waves in the grief as often as I was, but the tears still come at times. I miss their nearness and the convenience of getting to see them often. I miss "Nana adventures" and walks to the park or by the river. I miss sleepovers and silly songs and reading books and hugs and kisses and snuggles. But, I am adjusting.

In puppy news, our now five month old labradoodle, Sal, went to obedience school while we were in Florida and came back a different dog. She is not the anxiety riddled pup she was before. She can go in the car with us without getting sick. She can be left for an hour or two in her kennel without having a melt down. We are so thankful!

And now, let me catch up here with the the last few weeks of gratitude posts.

Since 2009 I've been counting my blessings thanks to the prompting of Ann Voskamp.
 I continue to count my thanks, 
piling up gratitude day by day in my journal.
(and capturing some of my blessings via my camera or iPhone)

-a safe, uneventful flight to Florida
-big hugs from our grand babies
-God's watchful care and faithful provision for us

-my sweet little buddy, snuggling up and watching cartoons quietly while I have my devotions
-fixing my youngest granddaughter's hair the same way I used to fix her mama's
-exploring St Augustine

-our youngest granddaughter is three today!

-all the cousins and aunties facetiming her
--good reports from home about growth groups

-looking for shells and seagrass with my grandbabies at Jax Beach

-my grandson yelling, "INCOMING!" whenever a wave was coming so we wouldn't get wet
-fish tacos for lunch and key lime pie for dessert-yummmmm
-getting to read books and sing with my grandbabies before bed

-a safe drive to our middle daughter's place in South Carolina
-an encouraging answer to prayer
-my seven year old grandson's big hugs 
-a private room for dinner with our family at Welika Lake Fish house 

-playing car games on the drive to dinner with our youngest grandkids

-a beautiful sunrise

-a comfy bed and hot showers at the farmhouse

-my husband bringing me coffee in the morning
-good talks with my girl
-my husband and daughter giving the kids rides on the tractor

-seeing our middle daughter's new house that's being built
-driving to Murrell's inlet for lunch

-my oldest buddy

-answers to prayer for my oldest granddaughter
-a walk/talk with Jesus around the lake 

-waking up early and getting a quiet two hours with Jesus
-two red cardinals on the farmhouse lawn
-getting to be there for our youngest grandson's first haircut

-youngest daughter and her kids had a safe drive back to Florida

-this time spent with our east coast grandkids
-our son-in-law got a job
-a miracle of finding my husband's lost wallet at the airport
-a safe flight home (and making that time-tight connection in Atlanta)
-our home sweet home

-having family to love and to miss
-our pup is so much better now after her time with the trainer

-God speaking to me even more from John 13-17

-Friday Date Day
-our pup doesn't get carsick any more!
-God's good work in the women of Truelife

-a sweet morning quiet time
-listening to sermons while I clean
-dinner and a meeting with my visionary leadership team

-the reality that it is impossible for God to be unfaithful because His very character is faithful
-God's work in healing relationships
-sunny weather

-facetime calls from the grandkids
-two helpful insurance company membership services employees 
-help for my husband's back pain
-a good meeting and prayer time with our leaders

-foggy mornings that turn into sunny afternoons
-God's assurance and help
-a good talk with my big sister
-the monthly gathering with the women of our church

-a really good night's sleep
-my husband's back feeling so much better
-another answer to prayer

-a sweet time of fasting and prayer with the women of our church
-a fresh haircut
-so thankful for relief from my husband's back pain
-the song of the spring frogs

-our local watch repairman
-Trader Joe's flowers

-date day with my guy
-our pup's trainer

-everything going smoothly for today's VLT meeting at my house

-hearing other's stories and journeys with the Lord
-my teammates

-so much clarity in today's message
-God is still working in us
-spending the afternoon learning and growing
-my guy and I enjoying watching the new Around The World in 80 Days together

-my husband driving clear across town to get me a fresh croissant from La Provence for breakfast on this Valentine's Day
-a bowl of fresh lemons from my friend from California

-my oven is working, (after it mysteriously didn't!)

-our granddaughter is 13 today!

-an answer to prayer after a health insurance mix up
-dinner with the birthday girl and family

-God's Word that speaks to me in new and deeper ways every day
-a rare afternoon nap
-a good chat with my sister
-sweet encouragement about what God is doing in our oldest granddaugher's life

-encouragement in this week's growth groups
-God's provision for a need in our family
-God working things out when I pray and trust

-a good veterinarian
-our pup being able to stay in her crate long enough for us to go out to eat
-a beautiful spring like day to eat outside by the river

-the first daffodils blooming in our yard
-knowing God ordered my day even when it didn't go the way I planned
-a beautiful evening of worship and prayer at our church

-praying together with churches from all around the world
-spending time with our thirteen year old granddaughter
-bubble baths, face masks and watching All Creatures Great and Small and
 Around The World in 80 Days together

-taking our granddaughter to La Provence for breakfast
-a double batch of my friend's taco soup recipe simmering on the stove
 for tonight's growth group meeting
-our Growth Group opening up and sharing what God is doing in their lives in such beautiful ways 

still following,


  1. There's so much to be thankful for even when things aren't the way we hoped they would be. Your photos made me smile and I loved hearing how God is blessing you, dear friend.

  2. Beautiful blessings, my friend. How blessed are the women you lead and encourage face to face! I hope you retrieve your posts! I've been working on that along with photos - saving them on a harddrive outside my computer (really needing to save on two outside hds in case one stops working). Praise God for the beautiful gifts!


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