Monday, October 19, 2020

Weekly Gratitude Journal

Oh my goodness! Life is so unexpected, so unpredictable. Yesterday morning my morning was going "according to plan." I hopped in my car to leave for church, put the car in reverse and heard a horrific crunch sound. Evidently my garage door, for some unknown reason, was only three fourths of the way open, so the roof of my SUV hit the bottom of the garage door, bending the door out and right off it's track and scratching up the roof of my car. Bummer! That's a big unexpected expense for us. I don't like it but, at the same time, I know that it rains on the just and the unjust-we all have bad days. This morning, I had news of the unexpected death of a loved one's father. There is a big difference in an unexpectedly bad day and a horrible loss that changes your life forever. Life has a lot of the former and a few of the later. But, life is mostly made up of ordinary, uneventful days that can become quite forgettable unless we make an effort to mark them in some way, to memorialize them. Mark your days with gratitude friends. Be thankful for the uneventful days, give thanks even in the unexpectedly bad days, and thank God for His presence and help to walk through the dark valley days. He is Lord of all of our days and He is always worthy of our praise and gratitude.
Since 2009 I've been counting my blessings thanks to the prompting of Ann Voskamp.
 I continue to count my thanks, 
piling up gratitude day by day in my journal.
(and capturing some of my blessings via my camera or iPhone)

-God's daily care and provision
-finding a doll baby that looks like our youngest granddaughter for her  Christmas gift
-the feeling of getting a big job accomplished
-an encouraging evening with friends

-Your faithful provision
-a walk around the park with my grandson
-having a yummy Taco Tuesday at home

-Psalm 68:9 God confirms, carries, directs, establishes, makes provision and preparation for, rests and strengthens us when we are weary
-a good, long heart talk with my oldest daughter
-cooking a yummy dinner for a young mama who had emergency surgery and her family

-finding "shoes like Papa's" for our three year old grandson who has been asking for some for Christmas

-a beautiful, cloudless autumn afternoon
-the hope we have in praying for others and believing God for miracles
-trusting God with an unknown future
-praying together at church

-a really good Friday date day together
-taking a drive to somewhere we've never been before-so fun!

-text threads with our girls and my siblings

-listening to encouraging podcasts while doing Saturday chores
-my husband calling me from his office just to see how my day is going
-the encouragement of praying together

-my husband bringing me Starbucks
-my nephew's help with an unfortunate garage door incident
-remembering Jesus' body broken for me and his blood shed for me

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the car-garage door accident. Praying all will be repaired at lower cost than expected and bring blessings your way. Love seeing your photos - but that food (!). Oh, my!! Looks wonderful! Miss you, dear friend.

  2. I like this blog somuch, saved to my bookmarks .


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