Monday, May 11, 2020

Weekly Gratitude Journal

Today I will be posting two weeks worth of gratitude journal entries. We were at our son-in-law's parent's little cabin on the Umpqua River for three days last week so I was unable to post. What a blessing it is every time we get to go to this special place. It was also wonderful for my husband and I to have a change of scenery after weeks of being at home. The cabin is not far from the beach and the county beach accesses were open so we were also blessed to get some walks on the beach. The time spent enjoying the beautiful view of the river from the back deck of the cabin and those beach walks did me a world of good. Upon coming home, I feel a bit like we are living in a dense fog as in the photo above. In our state, everything is still pretty much on lockdown and there seems to be no clear vision about moving forward. The morning this photo was taken the sun came out and the fog was completely gone before mid-morning. I pray we will soon have some clarity about things such as being able to have church again and for businesses to resume and most of all for the virus to be eradicated. 
Since 2009 I've been counting my blessings thanks to the prompting of Ann Voskamp.
 I continue to count my thanks, 
piling up gratitude day by day in my journal.
(and capturing some of my blessings via my camera or iPhone)

-spending time with my grandson trying to help him learn to ride his bike
-God's continued blessings on our church and us during this time of the coronavirus quarantine
-God's fatherly correction in my life

-Romans 8
-a really sweet afternoon with my granddaughters 
-the freshly mowed lawn

-a miraculous answer to prayer for healing
-finding out our newest grandbaby will be born on what would have been my mom's 95th birthday
-a sweet zoom call meeting with some of the young parents from our church

-kind and helpful call center employees 
-details for my daughter's baby shower coming together 
-praying together to record our online prayer service
-oldest granddaughter getting some good news

-May first!
-God answering prayer when I trust Him and don't try to fix everything myself

-our grandkids
-a successful drive by baby shower for our daughter
-youngest daughter's in-law's driving such a long way to come to the shower

-rain showers that turn to blue skies
-texts with our girls
-a safe drive to the cabin
-sitting on the deck and enjoying the view of the river while sipping a good cup of tea

-a sweet time in God's Word
-morning coffee on the deck while watching the fog on the river lift
-a wonderful walk on the beach

-assurance from Daniel 2
-another wonderful walk on the beach while worshipping along to music via my headphones
-sitting on the big rock overlooking the river watching my husband fish
-watching an old movie together before bed

-glancing up while praying just as a bald eagle flew by the cabin window
-getting to see our goddaughter and her husband
-a good talk and beach walk with them

-a safe drive home from the cabin
-all we have needed God's hand has provided
-praying for our nation together online

-praying and trusting
-God's provision of beautiful handmade face masks via a stranger I met in line at the store

-my little backyard herb patch
-our viburnum full of blooms
-a backyard bbq
-a lemon tree from our nephew and his wife
-a sweet card from my friend

-so many Mother's Day greetings from family, church family and more...
-our two oldest grands helping me put together two wagons-one for their brother's birthday and one for their cousins
-Papa buying us a yummy lunch 
-getting to see my grandgirlies

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  1. In the craziness of the world around us right now there is so much to be thankful for. Thank you, dear friend, for sharing how God blesses you and for reminding me to give thanks - with a grateful heart!


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