Saturday, November 2, 2019

Life Does Not Consist in the Abundance of Possessions

I love beautiful things-I love all of the pretty things for my home and all of the pretty clothes, shoes and purses. When I was a child, I flipped through the glossy pages of the catalogs that came in our mail from Sears and Montgomery Wards and JCPenney's, dreaming about and wishing for all the pretty things. Oh, how simple and innocent those days seem compared to the present. Now, I am bombarded with a constant display of all the pretty things on my Facebook and Instagram feeds, through the way Amazon seems to read my mind with their pop-up ads and through the social media influencers who take me along on their shopping trips and online try-on sessions and tell me that I MUST GET TO TARGET RIGHT NOW OR I'LL MISS OUT ON ALL THE PRETTY THINGS. 

On the other hand, on those same social media platforms, I see an opposite trend happening-the opposing trend away from excess toward minimalism. I look at the media feeds of minimalists and I love the peaceful, clean, organized surroundings I see and the clean closets with their simple capsule wardrobes. I begin to long for more simplicity.

The scripture above from Luke chapter twelve is in the context of a parable that Jesus told about a rich man who lived his life on a quest for more and more. He had to build more storehouses in order to house all of his stuff.  (Join me for the rest of this post on Sunday, November 3rd at Woman to Woman Ministries, where each Sunday I share a bit of Sunday Soul Food!)

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  1. We humans do love pretty things. As a Mom, I kept things thinking one day my kids would want them. They are now well grown (probably your age), and I have realized they will not want. Recently, I did go through and clean out and gave some things that I told them they could keep or throw. The boys, I gave them their bronzed baby shoes, which I'm sure they will pitch. I figure easier for them to do it than me since they don't have the memories. ~smiles~ I have been cleaning out over the past years because I thought they would not want the hassle when the time comes. Only saving a few. I use to be such a saver when I was growing up, but not so much anymore. I agree that I too love to find lovely things, but as you say then tire of them and off they go, but oh how true they are just temporal things, and not everlasting. Have a wonderful week ahead and Happy November. :)

    1. This past year I gave each of my daughters a box of all their childhood memorabilia that I had saved through the years. Now they get to decide what to do with it!


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