Monday, August 26, 2019

Weekly Gratitude Journal

 I'll be posting two weeks of my gratitude journal posts today. We were out of town last week for our annual trip to the cabin with our grandkids. So that all seven grandkids could go, our youngest daughter came along with the two littlest grands. We had such a great time! 
Since 2009 I've been counting my blessings thanks to the prompting of Ann Voskamp.
 I continue to count my thanks, 
piling up gratitude day by day in my journal.
(and capturing some of my blessings via my camera or iPhone)

-the sun on my back as I pick ripe blackberries
-meeting my sister and her husband and my brother for dinner together
-oldest granddaughter facetiming me to chat 

-thanking God for my sister on her birthday
-some time with my grandson, picking and feasting on blackberries 
-a really good visit with a sweet young couple from church
-two huge yellow butterflies dancing in flight

-lunch outside in the sun celebrating both of our August birthdays with a friend 
-a drippy soft serve chocolate ice cream cone on a hot day
-our granddaughter popping by before youth group

-God's daily provision
-trusting God during this time of transition

-Papa taking the grandsons to Dave and Busters for lunch and video games, 
(I think he had as much fun as they did)
-the power of Legos to entertain our five year old grandson when I'm tuckered out
-the way my husband and I ALWAYS fall asleep halfway through an episode of a BBC series 
we've been watching and we have to rewatch the ending later 

-another situation to trust God about
-God's blessing on Hope City
-our oldest granddaughter is heading to the world championship for weight lifting!!!

-an amazing message this morning
-a safe drive to the cabin with the grandkids
-youngest grandson, who was already at the cabin with his mama, 
so very happy to see his cousins arrive
-all SEVEN grandkids together

-our oldest grandson catching a small mouth bass
-playing in the river most of the day

-homemade spaghetti devoured by all of the grands

-a few minutes of quiet with God before all the grands wake up
-youngest granddaughter started crawling
-a beautiful afternoon playing at the beach with the five youngest grands

and our ten year old granddaughter getting her heart desire for playing on some dunes 
-middle grandson safe after foolishly jumping off the attic ladder
-Papa and the two oldest grandkids safely home, (they had to go back early for sports)

-waking up at 4AM (!) but having a sweet time with Jesus while I was awake
-donuts eaten out on the deck
-ten year old granddaughter crawling into my bed and sleeping with me

-one last swim in the river before heading home
-singing and playing car games together on the car ride home
-all of the grands safely returned to their parents!

-a big hug and an "I love you, Nana" from our oldest granddaughter 
when she stopped by before church last night
-Friday date day with my guy
-lunch outside by the river

-the safe birth of a sweet baby boy in our church family
-and the safe birth of my great great nephew!
-three different words of encouragement today

-God's Spirit at work in us and our church
-a fun lunch out with family and friends 
-a new kayak carrier for my car

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  1. Elizabeth, we have so much to be grateful for as we get to enjoy the blessings of grandchildren and watching the Lord draw them close to Himself!


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